Open Thread Wednesday 8/12/09

Flickr photo by dan paluska

Flickr photo by dan paluska

What is on your mind!!!!!! Comment away!!!!!!!

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  • joe

    what movie is filming in the north heights? I walked by (maybe cranberry street and willow?) this afternoon and I saw a full winter scene with snow everywhere in August. It cooled me down instantly.

  • HicksStRes

    joe — it was a Tiffany’s commercial. I stopped to watch and was amazed at how much time, people, effort went into what literally looked like a 3 sec clip. It was still very “cool” though…

  • T.K. Small

    Does anyone know what’s going on with Verizon FiOS in the neighborhood? I am so sick of Time Warner!

  • lcd

    What exaclty is Pedro Espasa’s son’s new job?? I just contacted our new senator to inquire. Think it’ll do any good?

  • Peter

    What is the best place to get a GREAT steak in the neighborhood? I love Peter Luger and Wolfgang’s, but I am talking more low-key and in (or near) the neighborhood. Any suggestions?

  • PJL

    Can anyone recommend a (local) place/person for car waxing/detailing?


  • C-berry

    A few things about this Tiffany’s shoot. 1) markers were up well before the time designated for the shoot and the expiration was at 7pm. Cranberry Street was taken up until well after 9pm. 2) trash was left all over Columbia Heights

    Who’s greater good are these filmings/photo shoots benefitting? Certainly not the neighbors…

    Great place for steak is Henry’s End

  • Clark Street Resident

    Peter, try the steak @ Mortons next to the Marriott in Downtown Brooklyn…I had a great meal there.

  • matt

    Peter, not in the Heights but worth your walk down Court is Frank’s Prime Meats. See and current-ish menu is at

  • T.K. Small

    PJL, I have had my car detailed over on 3rd Ave. adjacent to the Citgo station. As I recall it was approximately 40-$50 and they did a good job. But that was about four years ago, so take it for what it is worth. Good luck!

  • bornhere

    PJL – Try Urban Classics at the foot of Columbia Heights on Old Fulton.

  • anon

    Love the blog, but I am getting annoyed by the BHB automatic refresh (it does this in case you haven’t noticed). Drudge Report does it too, albeit more frequently, and I think it inflates the page view numbers for the site. The result is that it automatically rechecks the BHB site, but deletes any comments in progress on the website, which is annoying to those of us at work who start and stop stuff based on time and work commitments. Any way to turn this off?

  • Peter

    Thanks Clark Street and Matt!

  • AEB

    anon, I complained of this some time ago, but note now that any of my comments-in-process reappear after the page refresh.

    Are you certain that yours are always deleted?

  • anon

    AEB-Yes, it always gets deleted much to my annoyance. Interestingly, my name and email remains even after I delete my cache and cookies and clean my history.

  • T.K. Small

    I have this problem also. When you use voice recognition software, as I do, there are a fair number of typos that need to be corrected. If I have something lengthy to say, I write it in a separate window and then paste it here.

  • Claude Scales

    If I’m writing a long comment I always draft it as a Word document, then copy and paste it to publish. It’s a bit of a pain, but can save you considerable frustration.

  • Monty

    Re: page refresh, check out this page ( on how to disable a meta refresh (which is what this site uses) in IE.

    Re: FIOS, it is definitely wending its way through the neighborhood. My building in the north heights has already entered into an agreement with Verizon to get wired this year. I am under a 2-yr contract with TWC, but intend to switch as soon as I am able. I will miss NY1 though…

  • anon

    Thanks Monty–found it and clicked disabled meta refresh. Am I correct in that meta refresh increases the page views for the website (and thus makes a site more attractive to advertisers)? Else, why would a website use meta refresh?

    As for NY1, you’ll be able to watch it online with your new FIOS connections. Many of the segments and stories are available at

  • Homer Fink

    We auto-refresh so you’ll see the latest posts on the site. Some people stay on our homepage all day.

  • Jinjur

    I find that if I’m in Opera, the auto-refresh deletes my comment-in-progress, but in Firefox, the comments survive the auto-refresh.

    I won’t say this is true for every browser version or OS.

  • No One of Consequence

    I don’t think it makes sense to cater to people who simply stay on the homepage all day at the cost of those who actually contribute to the discourse.
    That’s what the “refresh/reload” button is for.

  • T.K. Small

    Thank you Monty. Earlier today I called Verizon and was told that it might happen some time next year.

  • anon

    Homer–any chance of ending the auto-refresh? So far no comments in favor of it.

  • Jazz

    I love auto refresh the rest of you are just Luddites.

  • AEB

    Ah, jinjur, thanks! Yes, no loss of comment since I’ve started to use Mozilla, come to think of it….

    Now, why don’t more people do the same? Firefox is much speedier than IE ’cause, obviously, there’s less traffic…..

  • Qfwfq

    Okay, I disabled the auto-refresh on individual post pages, kept it on the homepage. I am now expecting to see comments filled with brilliant prose consisting of no less than three paragraphs.

  • Deus

    You can set Firefox to ask you if you’d like to refresh by following the directions here:

    Someone already posted the link for IE.

    @AEB: Firefox’s speed has nothing todo with traffic, it’s just the firefox is a better browser.

  • anon

    Thank you Qfwfq.

  • AEB

    Thanks, Deus. And here I am feeling I’m of a fewer few…..