Brooklyn Heights Five Guys Mentioned as Best in Esquire

Esquire Magazine rounds up the best fast food chains in the country this month.  While California’s In-and-Out Burger cops the top spot, Five Guys Burgers and Fries gets an honorable mention.

Quoted in the piece is Brooklyn Heights resident and Braeburn chef Brian Bistrong:

“I ate from Five Guys in Brooklyn Heights last month with my son Luca. He is almost two years old. If my wife isn’t home, we’ll have a guys’ night together and pick up burgers and fries.” — Brian Bistrong, Braeburn, New York City

[via brokelyn]

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  • Teddy

    I was at the FG in the Heights a few times and at a few other FG locations (Park Slope & NJ). I found the preparation a little better at the Park Slope location as well as the two NJ locations I drove to. Maybe they were just a little too busy (lunchtime) and rushed my order, I don’t know?

  • promenade

    I think I must be the only one that is not in love with their burgers…I leave there feeling dipped in grease.

  • Peter

    I think their food is definitely above-average for a fast food joint, and sadly, one of the best options on Montague Street.

  • Nick

    Five Guys Brooklyn Heights is great, though the service is a little underwhelming. And I don’t understand why FG uses styrofoam cups for their fries. Most fast food chains stopped using styrofoam years ago.

  • Anne

    Am I the only one who thinks it is weird to give a sub-two year old a burger and fries? Granted, I don’t have children but isn’t that still the age at which you want to give them gently prepared foods?

  • promenade

    Anne… with your first you will give them gently prepared food, by the 2nd and 3rd child you’ll let them eat the pizza after it falls on the floor….burger and fries won’t hurt a 2 year old.

  • nabeguy

    Promenade, considering your commments about the dip-stick nature of FG cuisine, you may want to re-think that last statement. Especially in light of the rampage of adolescent obesity that is on the rise in this country. Not exactly a great path to start your toddler down, if you ask me.

  • promenade

    nabeguy – if you are bringing your children to FG weekly or more (or any other fast food place), yes, I’d agree. But an occasional burger and fry? Please. And yes again, I personally do not like these, as I mentioned before.

  • nabeguy

    At 23 months old? Sorry P, but I beg to differ. It’s a slippery slope greased by peanut oil. You get ’em used to those kinds of foods that early in life, then don’t act surprised when you find yourself in the “big and tall” section at K-mart. As a parent, I understand the convenience that fast food offers, and will admit to having submitted to my daughter’s demands for an occasional Kids Meal at Mickey D’s (a desire driven mostly by the free toys) but to her her own credit, even she’s come to learn that it’s not only unhealthy, it tastes like shit. I’m only saying that foods of this kind should be viewed as a rare indulgence and not a stopgap measure to fill your child’s belly.

  • Andrew Porter

    Where’s the K-Mart here in the Heights? Did I miss a post?