Ciao Fascati! Ferie Buono!

photo31We munched on our last Fascati pizza pie this afternoon. The Fascati gang are off on their annual holiday until September 8.
What do you do for pizza during August in the Heights?

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  • GHB

    I go through withdrawals

  • AEB

    The same thig I do in other seasons: get slices and pies from other pizza outposts.

    A new one to try: Keste, on Bleecker. Pizza is Neapolitan-style: crust is tender yet chewy and charred. Toppings fresh, first-rate.

  • JO

    I love fascati pizza. Just went for the first time a couple of weeks ago. tooooo bad, i was thinking of getting another slice this weekend.

  • Jen

    Monty Q’s is pretty good.

  • lifer

    Sal’s does the same thing, they all go back to the homeland for August

  • Jose Uribe

    Has anyone noticed a decline in quality as Fascati’s since the two old guys stopped making pizzas?

  • ld

    what i want to know is … how much money do these guys pull in that they can take off for a whole month?! And how do i get that job?

  • Jose Uribe

    Southern Europeans don’t really care about making money — especially the Italians.

  • CJP

    I think Jose may be on to something. The last barber I went to was heading back to Italy for the entire month of August, possibly a week into September.

  • joe

    We order from lucali’s which is a lot more expensive and they don’t do delivery so its a trek. My kids love Fascati’s pizza more so its always a long wait for them to come back in September.

  • Curmudgeon

    Southern Italians, like most others do indeed care about making money. They do not, however, consider the making of money the end all or be all of life. Simple joys like vacation time and rest and good food are very important means by which to enjoy life. Like most Europeans (except the northerners i.e. the British) the entire month of August is for vacation and leisure. Too bad we Americans don’t know how to enjoy life like the Europeans.

  • PS 8 parent

    I’m still steamed at Fascatis for turning in the lady who sold icys at PS 8 for $1, so they could sell theirs for $2.50.

  • DAB

    It’s not about money, or well-earned vacation, it’s incredibly poor delegation skills on the part of the owners. They can’t find someone to run the shop for a month? Really?

  • Peter

    I think it’s great that they can take a month of vacation and still sustain a good living. Good for them, I wish I could do the same!

  • seriously

    Oh DAB, you are just such a bitter person. I can understand though there are just NO other food places around.

  • AEB

    Here, here, Peter! It’s not like Frascati’s is responsible for BH oxygen, in the absence of which we’d all perish.

    Nor–in my opinion–is its pizza unmissable. If the biz can make the kind of dough (no pun–honest) it needs and still take a month off, why the heck shouldn’t it?

    And let’s not forget the window decor the guys there post during their annual absence… that’s an example of true civic spirit!

  • Shammy

    It still doesn’t beat the toilet bowl planter that the KGB run car joint has in front of it.

  • DAB

    seriously — more bemused indifference. You ever see Saturday Night Live? (Really?)

  • AEB

    Yes, Shammy, every time I see the planter I wonder:

    Is it meant to be a joke, or
    is it thought to be “originally” decorative, or
    is it an example of committed recycling?

    In any case, I ponder just how hostile its installation is. And/or how stupid.

    All opinions considered.

  • Jose Uribe

    I will say it again, Souther Europeans, especially Italians, do not care about money. Or, perhaps, they are just not very good at it.

  • Hicks St guy

    this pizza is very average, anyone who thinks
    otherwise wouldn’t know a good pie if it bit them.

  • Curmudgeon

    Seems to me Jose that if they are able to take the whole month of August off every year they must know a wee bit about making money. Southern European or otherwise. By the way…how long is your vacation?

  • joe

    if everyone in europe takes off in the month of august how does those european countries run? Where do people buy groceries, go to church or get their car fixed etc.

    Also not that I can’t live without their pizza since I’m obviously still breathing and typing but DAB has a point, can’t they delegate opening the place, making the pizza and closing the place to a assistant manager or something?

  • Sticky

    Fascatis’s is just normal pizza. Great for slices. Any true heights resident gets a pie from Patsy’s – oops Grimaldi’s.