Full Video: Chuck Backs Steve at Borough Hall in the Herd for the 33rd

U.S. Senator and Brooklynite Charles Schumer announced his support for Vito Lopez staffer Steve Levin in the race for the NYC Council’s 33rd District in a press conference at Brooklyn Borough Hall this morning.

No local television stations were on hand, so BHB is the only place you’ll be able to see the full press conference and Sen. Schumer and Levin’s remarks on health care, the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Sotamayor and more.

In a statement to the press today, challenger and Brooklyn Heights resident Doug Biviano accuses Schumer of “popping Albany pills”, adding:

The reason Levin continues to pile up these farce endorsements is because he is politically connected through his name (his father is the cousin of Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich) and his position as Vito Lopez’s chief henchman. Because of who he knows, and the smoke-filled backrooms he has access to, he’s been able to skate along as a presumed frontrunner in this race despite a complete lack of accountability in the media. The people of the 33rd District deserve better. They deserve a City Councilor that will openly and honestly stand up for their interests – someone who doesn’t see the City Council as fodder for his resume, but will instead fight tooth and nail to protect our communities and our families.

We caught up with Levin after the press conference.  He addresses some of these issues in this exclusive video:

Brooklyn Bugle Media’s the New Homer Fink Show will be broadcasting live tomorrow at 11am from Biviano HQ at 89 Montague Street.  The public (that’s you!) is welcome to attend and to ask questions. Detail here.

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  • BklynLifer

    The “non-Vito” candidates are so busy spouting off with their brilliant ideas, having no idea how government works, that they aren’t noticing that Steve Levin is cleaning their clocks! The 33rd CD is more than Bklyn Hts, folks! All of Bklyn Hts, Boerum Hill, Dumbo and the 33rd CD piece of Park Slope that are only HALF of the 33rd CD. The other half consists of people living in public housing projects in Williamsburg, working class people in Greenpoint, and Orthodox Jews. Is The Biv working to get their vote? How about Joanne Simon? Evan Thies? The Ken’s? How many doors have they knocked on in the Wyckoff Houses? Yo, People! This district is not only Bklyn Hts or Greater Park Slope! You’re talking to yourselves!

  • http://realreformbrooklyn.wordpress.com/ Real Reform Brooklyn

    Wow, BrklynLifer, you are missing the story. Check it out at http://realreformbrooklyn.wordpress.com/. The fact is that the good people of the 33rd are smarter than all that. We know that Levin’s “endorsements” are merely tribute to Vito. Even Schumer’s performance fits this bill. The fact is that Schumer’s backing was a quid pro quo resulting in Carolyn Maloney backing off a bid for the U.S. Senate. We are all just being played by Vito on this one.

  • BklynLifer

    WoW, Real Reform Brooklyn, you are STILL not paying attention, and now you’re fantasizing. Well, if it keeps your juices flowing, more power to you!

  • Frank

    real reform… I just went to your site. I understand your complete and utter ignorance now. You think the 33rd is just people in brownstones. Your website specifically calls the 33rd “Brownstone Brooklyn” hahaha. Good luck with that point of view. I’m sure you will be able to park your SUVs in brooklyn hts with no problems in the near future regardless of who gets elected.

  • The Where

    The Levin/Lopez conspiracy is bad for everyone, especially those who live in public housing who are played like a fiddle by these pernicious souls.

  • BklynLifer

    To The Where — From where comest your belief that “those who live in public housing” are “played like a fiddle”??? How much time do YOU spend in public housing ascertaining this morsel of truth? In fact, the people I know who grew up in public housing say that Vito is popular among his constituents because he supports affordable and public housing and supports THEM. How very arrogant and elitist can one be?