Brooklyn Heights’ Paul Giamatti Guests on the Daily Show

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Brooklyn Heights resident/actor Paul Giamatti stopped by The Daily Show on Wednesday to plug his new movie Cold Souls which opens today.

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  • Monty


    “Paul Giamatti does not look like a great-souled man. The vexed-seeming star of “Sideways” and “John Adams” roams his home streets of Brooklyn Heights with his arms crossed, glaring at strangers.”

    If any of you have spotted Mr Giamatti, you would know that he really does walk around looking he will kill you if you come one step closer.

  • Homer Fink

    Judging by the “characters” at this morning’s Schumer/Levin presser, I really can’t blame him…. you really have no idea of the magnitude of “interesting” people who walk right up to notables and say the nuttiest stuff. Just sayin’ …