Bishop’s Crooks Going Brooklyn Heights Wide

The Brooklyn Heights Association announced in the its latest membership newsletter that early 20th century “bishop’s crook” style lamposts will be installed at 229 locations around Brooklyn Heights.

The Brooklyn Heights Press reports in today’s edition that $650K in City and federal dollars are being spent to launch Phase 1 of the Historic Lighting Project which is  “advocated” by the BHA.  A total of $2.7 million is needed for completion.

The government funding is made up of $400K in federal Transportation, Housing and Urban Development dollars along with $250K from the NYC DOT.  That will allow for an initial 65 lampposts to be replaced.

Montague Street is currently lined with similar fixtures.  That project was funded by a grant obtained by Montague BID.

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  • Tony

    Wonderful news! Now all we need to do is change the lighting itself from the sickly, yellow sodium lamps to the warm, inviting metal halide lamps. Then our neighborhood will really be something to see. Get on it, BHA!

  • bornhere


  • John

    I predict more street crime since those lights throw less light !
    someone should track the difference.

  • Neil Martin

    I remember back in 1959, living on Willow Street, when the original BC fixtures were removed and replaced with the current ugly replacements. You think the lighting is sickly NOW? You should have seen the other-worldly illumination cast from those mercury-vapor bulbs of the day!

  • James

    Does anyone know where Phase one is located and how long the whole project take? Is the whole Heights Historic District included?

  • bklyn20

    Too bad these lights weren’t also put onto Pier 1 in Bklyn Bridge Park. They now have installed giant – maybe 30 feet high — poles to support halogen lights that will overwhelm the nabe and shine in everyone’s windows. It’s a very, very historic area — why not historic lamps? These poles remind , alternatively, of either the circle of flags at the Olympics or a Leni Riefenstahl movie. I don’t even live down there and I think they’re hideous!