Squadron Gets Hitched!


Below: BHB/Scales; Above: BHB/Portlock

jsw_img_5942Now that the Albany legislative coup is over, our man (formerly “kid”) in the State Senate, Daniel Squadron, can finally focus on his wedding.

This weekend, Squadron will marry his longtime girlfriend, Liz Weinstein, who works in the mayor’s Office of Operations. Daniel and his staff have been very, very tightlipped about any further details surrounding the event, other than to say it’s happening and it’s happening in Manhattan.

But this much we know: Squadron was on the floor of the Senate, voting on 135 bills until 2 am Friday morning, less than 48 hours before his wedding.

The month-long coup that has ground Albany to a halt officially ended on Thursday at 3 pm, when the first regular legislative session since the coup started on June 8 was called to order. Senators then stayed on the floor until they voted on all 135 bills that had been suspended, pending the conflict’s resolution.

And before that, Squadron has been in Albany for the past three weeks — every day, including July 4 — in special sessions called by Governor Paterson.

In a New York Magazine article in January, he said that Weinstein was behind his decision to run for Senate. “I think we were both really worried about what it would mean in terms of how much time we could have together, but she was supportive.”

Best of luck to the new couple!

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  • Michael Rudedelli

    Congratulations to Senator & Mrs. Squadron!

  • Brooklyn Observer

    …and now he’s off on a honeymoon leaving the Dems one vote short.
    Good luck Brooklyn… Good luck New York City…
    May Squadron’s marriage last for a long time. But our honeymoon with him is over.


  • Deus

    Jane, the guy’s not doing his job, what’s it matter where it’s reported?

  • Brooklyn Observer

    I just wish that this was just predictable NY Post propaganda.
    He introduced 11 bills then vanished. I start to think that this might be deliberate.
    Nobody can be that foolish and clueless.

  • Brooklyn Observer

    Nobody ask him to reschedule a wedding. How about having a wedding and sticking around for another 3 days or interrupting the honeymoon for a few hours. Too much too ask?

  • Deus

    He CHOSE public service. These guys hardly work to begin with so asking him to be there for votes I don’t think is unreasonable.

  • The Where

    The face of incompetence is not Squadron it’s Pedro Espada who is probably the most corrupt, inept and EVIL person in the State Senate. I’m surprised that Squadron doesn’t take a Silkwood Shower every time he has to sit next to the weasel.

    The session would have been over for at least two weeks before Squadron’s wedding was planned if it wasn’t for the immature and cynical antics of Espada and the other hacks in the State Senate.

    Daniel is not the disease, he is the cure. Allow him his respite from these low class fools.

  • BO

    His “respite” hands the power to “these fools”
    Senator Squadron deliberately robbed the Democrats of the much needed quorum but failing to show up for work.
    While he invokes (im)plausible deniability (“honeymoon was booked months ago) it’s worth to ask “cui bono?”.
    There is more to his absence than immaturity, sheer stupidity or dereliction of duty.
    I hope some investigative journalist will find out.

  • http://brooklynheightsblog.com Qfwfq

    Mr. Connor, is that you?

  • XYZ

    Considering the current state of the senate, yes it is totally irresponsible for him to go on his honeymoon regardless if it was booked months ago or not. I am sure something could have been worked out with whomever he booked. I did not hear that they took a ride with the space shuttle that could not have been postponed. Its another prime example of a politician to put his own interest before the interest of the people who elected him. And yes, I voted for him.