Open Thread Wednesday 7/1/09

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  • Ilikebrooklyn

    [ I think I’m gonna take a chance and stay in the neighborhood]

    Likewise. The barge will be at the tip of Manhattan — so maybe we’ll be lucky. It is supposed to be bigger and better than ever before.

  • bornhere

    Jane – There are lots of iron-works places in Brooklyn. Unless you have a huge apartment, installing “openable” wrought-iron gates on only some windows would probably work.

  • LC

    just fyi…. according to the Macy’s website, the barges are all going to be north of 23rd st. on the hudson river. Don’t know how anything but the top of the highest fireworks will be visible from the heights (excluding possibly the apts. 10 stories high or higher with a city view)

  • Teddy

    Buildings in midtown are relatively short (with the exception of the Empire State building) so you should be able to see the fireworks from the Promenade, looking toward the Brooklyn Bridge/Empire State building. Of course it won’t be nearly as nice as to having them in the East River between us & the seaport.

  • LC

    Teddy, I admire your optimism. But from a mathematical perspective, I can’t imagine being able to see fireworks from the promenade. The distance from the northern edge of the promenade to the southernmost barge is aproximately 3.75 miles. Now if the highest fireworks are at 1000 feet, as was stated above, to be able to see just the highest fireworks, there needs to be a clear line of sight. This means that at 1.875 miles away (roughly canal and sixth), there can be no buildings taller than 500 feet (Empire St. building is 1450 feet tall for reference) and at .9375 miles away (roughly brooklyn bridge and st. james place), there can be no buildings taller than 250 feet. The municipal building and verizon building both clear 500 feet.

    Unless the fireworks shoot much higher than reported, I can’t imagine having any view on the promenade. Maybe some of the rooftops will get a limited view, but I highly doubt it.

  • Ilikebrooklyn

    [according to the Macy’s website, the barges are all going to be north of 23rd st. on the hudson river.]

    Doesn’t look that way in the Daily News hard copy. The barges look like they’re in the harbor. I checked out the Macy site and saw what you’re referring to — I would guess Macy’s has it right but hope they’re wrong!

    Maybe we’ll catch some New Jersey fireworks from the Heights. And maybe we’ll be really lucky and catch Macy’s.

    Almost 48 hrs down to the minute from now…. we will know these answers,.

  • AEB

    This will undoubtedly seem cranky, but fireworks seem to me to be a very…limited spectacle.

    They’re fun of course–they have the advantage of brilliance and vivid “happeningness,” but it’s the same four or five “tricks” done again and again.

    Surely more can be done than is–I mean, we’ve landed people on the moon and all that. I suspect that going backwards, checking-out centuries old displays, would be a good place to start for expanding the visual repertoire.

    Or assign various artists the task of doing their thing pyrotechnically. THAT would be interesting.

  • Andrew Porter

    Teething and Seething, I don’t have insurance either. I go to Dr. Moshman at 85 Remsen Street.

    Gosh, my heart will break if I don’t see the fireworks on the 4th. As if we don’t get fireworks visible here many times during the year. But watch people show up anyway on the 4th, expecting to see something from the Promenade. And watch them be abruptly disappointed. “But, but, they’re *always* here!…” Right.

  • GHB

    At least the Promenade won’t look like a garbage dump on the 5th!

  • Ilikebrooklyn

    Lucky us (Brooklyn Heights)! We had plenty of fireworks on the promenade. Could even see a good part of Macy’s from the roofs. I’m glad the families who came to the Heights weren’t disappointed. I think a lot of them thought the fireworks across the water in NJ were Macy’s – but it didn’t matter. Plenty of ooohs and ahhhhs.