Short of cash in DUMBO? Caveat.

According to The Brooklyn Paper:

One of the borough’s most-beckoning attractions — the glorious view of the Brooklyn Bridge from the foot of Old Fulton Street in DUMBO — also has one of the borough’s most egregious tourist traps: an ATM with exorbitant a $3.99 service fee!

The cash machine outside Pete’s Downtown Restaurant on Old Fulton Street and near popular destinations like Grimaldi’s pizzeria, the River Cafe, Empire-Fulton Ferry state park, Bargemusic, the Brooklyn Flea and, of course, the classic bridge, wallops customers like a kick in the keyster.

A word to the wise: there’s an ATM inside Grimaldi’s that charges a more reasonable fee. But, you gotta have the noive to make like you’re trying to crash the line for pizza in order to get to it.

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  • AEB

    “A kick in the keyster”! Haven’t hard that word in many a moon.

    Or should I say, since Hector was a pup….

  • jay

    the fact that those establishments on that little strip don’t take credit cards and sell low quality goods is a redflag for tax evasion and money laundering.

  • x

    The line for the restaurant is outside on the sidewalk, so the ATM is easily accessible to anyone needing cash. Just open the restaurant door and it is right on the left!

  • Dodger

    Cheapest ATM I found in the Nabe was Dime on Montague between Court and Clinton. $0.99. Need to plan before Fulton Landing, I know.

  • yep

    many banks have $4 atm fees. McDonalds atm fee .99

  • CJP

    Not sure I’m getting the point of this thread. Why would anyone PAY money, even a reduced 99 cents, to get access to THEIR cash?

    Even for cash-strapped people might I recommend opening SAVINGS accounts with big banks like Citicorp, Chase, Bank of America and TDWhatever so you can have access to their ATM’s for free. And if you think you’re running short of cash and live in an area where you have to resort of cash on the run and a ripoff ATM, why not take out a little more money when you’re by a real ATM or have an envelope at home to keep an extra $100 in twenties in case you run low.

    I just don’t understand the wisdom of paying money to get your money.