Open Thread Wednesday 7/1/09

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  • Matthew Parker

    Does anyone know of a good furnished sublet for early September in the Heights or dumbo? I’ll have 2 family members visiting and would ideally like a 2br or a 1br with a separate bed/ convertable sofa to accomodate two adults who will be visiting from approx Sept 4-Sept 14th.

    Preference for the north Heights, but would consider something within a 10 block radius of Willow and Poplar. Thanks.

  • T.K. Small

    As a former political science major, I am borderline obsessed with what is going on in Albany. Does anyone have an idea what State Sen. is thinking.

  • AEB

    T.K.: Getting and keeping power for personal profit.

    Next question?

  • T.K. Small

    Sorry about my last posting. I forgot to include Sen. Squadron’s name.

  • meem

    where did the mailbox on the northwest corner of henry and clark go?!

  • melanie hope greenberg

    Is that the one by the dorms? I refused using it, the mail slot door was always broken. Maybe the PO will replace?

  • Ilikebrooklyn

    I read we will still be able to see the July 4 fireworks from Brooklyn Heights from some rooftops. Any chance we’ll have a view from the promenade? Supposedly the fireworks will be 1000 feet high.

  • promenade

    I’m sure this has been discussed on this board before, but does anyone know what is happening with 20 Henry?

  • thomas

    Ok guys, I work in Dumbo. I need a list of the best places for lunch that’s cheap, easy, and fun for the whole family!

    My choices are: Teresa’s Restaurant, Five Guys, and Lantern Tai.

    List your favorites or any hidden gems you know so I can bring business.

  • Matthew Parker

    Tutt Cafe on Hicks near Middagh. A true gem.

  • andysrc

    Ilikebrooklyn: Where did you read that there will be a view of the fireworks from rooftops in Brooklyn Heights? I’ve been hearing that around lately, but nobody seems to have a definite source. I’d love to watch them from here instead of Manhattan, but I don’t want to miss out if they aren’t visible.

  • Teething & Seething

    Teeth: what do people pay for cleaning & x-rays, and for 1 filling from their dentist? Prices seem high, especially when no insurance is involved.

  • Curious

    Does anybody know what city agency all the grey Priuses with “Official” license plates belong to? A few of them consistently violate parking regulations by parking on the alternate side when it’s not that day, and treat Bklyn Hts like we’re their parking lot.

  • Sherrie

    New to the Heights, very attractive single F, late 40s, creative and fun. Where do I go to meet people – meaning friendship or dating? Love the neighborhood but feeling a little lonely.

  • nabeguy

    Welcome to the nabe, Sherrie. The Heights offers many opportunities for community interaction, but it depends on the what kind of boat you’re trying to float. Volunteer work? Bar scene? Pick-up soccer games? Tell us what we can do to help you feel a part of our little Eden.

  • AEB

    Alas, Sherrie, BH has no people. Of the kind one could meet, anyway. You must cast your net elsewhere, I’m afraid.

    But I second nabe’s welcome.

  • mykl

    What is happening at the new wine bar? Is that place cursed? They need to get Miriam back from the old wine bar before Dan Kaufman screwed it up!

  • LS

    What’s wrong with the new wine bar? Why is it cursed? Was there tonight for a pre-dinner cocktail and had a very pleasant experience.

  • nabeguy

    mykl, if you’re talking about Amanda Green, who initiated the original wine bar, she unfortunately passed away, a loss that was felt in many more ways than that of a neighborhood business.

  • kat

    can anyone recommend a good therapist in the nabe?

    unfortunately, gabriel byrne isn’t seeing new patients ;)

  • joe

    Hi Sherrie,

    How you doin?

  • Bart


    Your best course of action is to stay in Manhattan after work and have drinks. There you will find a much larger pool of the physically fit, and financially secure.


  • Anonymous

    Dock street was approved and suddendly Janes carousell has a permanent place between the bridges.

  • Ilikebrooklyn

    [Where did you read that there will be a view of the fireworks from rooftops in Brooklyn Heights?]

    Either in the The Daily News or The Post. I’ll look through yesterday’s papers and see if I can find it again. Stay tuned…

  • Ilikebrooklyn

    It’s in the Daily News – the pullout section from Wednesday’s paper (page 2). I can’t find it online – but it says the fireworks will rocket over 1000 ft — and goes on to say that a Brooklyn rooftop should have a good view. I’m wondering how high a rooftop…

  • Peter

    Why is the new wine bar cursed? I haven’t checked it out yet, but I plan too soon … always seems packed with people when I walk by.

  • alex

    ilikebrooklyn — Thanks for looking that up! I think I’m gonna take a chance and stay in the neighborhood… Here’s hoping!

  • ABC

    Jane’s Carousel will be in a glass pavilion designed by Jean Nouvel (and paid for by Walentas) and will be the best thing about Brooklyn Bridge Park mark my words. Hey, I’m not 100% pro Two Trees but I do think they have some taste. The rest of the Park seems like it’s designed by the Chelsea Piers people.

  • cv

    I love the new Wine Bar.

  • AEB

    A carousel under glass. Hmmmm.