84th Precinct Police Blotter – 6/30/09

bugleblotterIt was a crime-filled week in the neighborhood, including an armed robbery at a fast-food joint, a series of vehicle thefts and a pair of thefts from strollers (don’t worry, there were no babies involved).

Nearly $1,200 in cash was stolen from the Fulton Mall Dunkin Donuts, located between Smith Street and Gallatin Place, just before 11 p.m. on June 24. Two perps entered the establishment and made their way down to the lower level management office, where a manager was counting cash from the day. The men, who concealed their faces, threatened the manager with a gun, before making off with the cash and his cell phone.

There was more gunplay later in the week, when two men were assaulted and robbed when entering the subway station at Joralemon and Court streets early Saturday June 27. Between five assailants surrounded the victims, 16 and 29, taking their umbrella and beating them over the head with it. After punching and bruising the victims, one of the attackers brandished a gun and asked “Do you want to get shot?” He ordered the men to empty their pockets, and the group made off with one of the victims black Prada dress shoes, an iPod and a cell phone.

Two vehicles were stolen within a matter of hours on June 22, after their owners left the keys in the ignition to run in somewhere to make a delivery. Just past 5 p.m., a man returned to find his blue 2004 Ford van, along with his cell phone and tuxedo, missing after he made a delivery to Porta Bella, on Livingston Street at Nevins Street.

Later, just before 11 p.m., a man had his 2004 Buick Rendezvous stolen while making a delivery to a residence on Joralemon Street, between Hicks Street and Willow Place.

A $2,500 2006 Kawasaki motorcycle was stolen on Wednesday morning on Plymouth Street between Pearl Street and Anchorage Place.

A woman had her purse stolen from the back of her baby stroller after she briefly left it unattended June 25 on the corner of Court and Montague Streets. . The Brooklyn Heights resident had her iPhone and credit cards stolen.

Over $600 in cash was taken from a handbag in a clothing boutique on Fulton Street between Elm Place and Bond Street. The victim left her bag hanging on the handle of her stroller, and later found the empty bag on a display case.

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  • Eddy

    Sounds like a lot of these incidents could have been prevented…. even though crime is way down from what it was back in the day, it is still NYC and one should never leave anything of value unattended or unlocked even for a second…. but I guess the newbies got to get their come-up-ins…

  • Andrew Porter

    I witnessed a woman being arrested at the corner of Pineapple Walk and Columbia Heights on the afternoon of June 28th, later saw her in the back seat of a patrol car turning onto Old Fulton Street. But no mention here….