Open Thread: Brooklyn Heights Best Coffee Redux

prettyfunnyIt’s been almost two years since we first posed the question, “who makes the best cuppa joe in Brooklyn Heights?”

Since then some players have closed, while others have branched out.

So, who’s java reigns supreme? Comment below!

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  • coffeedrinker

    Tazza makes the best coffee in the neighborhood. Try a latte and a cookie. Delicious.

  • http://toren Karl Junkersfeld

    I’ve been sitting outside Cranberries since 1980 and drinking their consistently excellent coffee. Just haven’t found a coffee I like better though I do like Cousin John’s coffee in Park Slope on 7th Avenue.

  • Jose Uribe

    Taza’s coffee is terrible. It tastes like brown water. Cranberries is okay. But for a good strong cup, Connecticut Muffin and Starbucks are your best bet. We really could use some better coffee shop options around here.

  • Publius

    I do. Two shots of Lavazza pumped through my machine every morning. For the price of 4 cups of coffee at a shop, I can make over 25 cups at home, and better.

    Making my own Joe at home saves me over $600/year, and it’s better than anything I’ve had in the Nabe.

    The economy must be adversely affecting cafes, since it’s discretionary spending. Or for those who are addicted, like me, you can “roll your own.”


    The COFFEE PEDDLER is the best coffee in the area even though it’s not actually in the Heights it’s worth the walk.

  • GHB

    Tazza on Clark’s coffee sucks. I like Cranberries.

  • Patty

    I also think Cranberries has the best coffee (and prices on coffee) in this neighborhood.

  • LaChandra

    I really like the coffee at Siggy’s. It’s strong and delicious.

  • Ari

    The BEST cup of coffee is in your home IF – you buy your coffee from Two For the Pot, they have the best coffee!! And the proprietor is an expert of tea and coffeee

  • Aaron

    Tried CT Muffin, bad coffee. Starbucks is acceptable when necessary and expedient. For a great cup, walk down to Cafe Pedlar on Court.

  • Monty

    Tazza doesn’t have great coffee, but their espresso drinks are actually pretty good. I got an Americano at Pedlar recently and thought it tasted very similar to the ones I usually get at Starbucks. People like to hate on Starbucks, but it is better than 99% of the coffee places in this city. My every day favorite is actually brewing Starbucks coffee beans at home.

  • HG718

    I would KILL for a Mud Truck – right outside the Borough Hall stop would be a perfect place for it.

  • ak

    Take a walk, and get a cup from D’Amicos

  • Charlie

    Eww I would definitely avoid Cranberries unless you like food and coffee that has cockroach poop on it. My friend worked there for a day and was shocked at how this place is still open. There was an exorbitant amount of cockroaches and other bugs all over the shop, on the food, etc. Someone there must be paying or sleeping with the health inspector…

    Personally I prefer starbucks. It’s the best around here. We definitely need some better coffee in the heights

  • jen

    I agree that Tazza on Clark’s has horrible coffee. Cranberries is decent but their iced coffee is way overpriced. My favorite in the neighborhood is Connecticut Muffin, even though service can be surly.

    Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar serves Stumptown coffee — only to stay though. Our waitress said they might eventually do takeout (we had wine the other night — haven’t tried the coffee yet but loved the place.)

  • ABC

    there is no good coffee here. there is some decent bad coffee at clark st diner.

    I can dig a cup of bad coffee once in a while.

  • brooklynite

    where do you buy your Lavazza from??

  • Matt

    Cafe Pedlar is the best (though not technically Bk Hts), far and away. Anyone who disagrees knows nothing about coffee and what it should taste like. It’s not just the Stumptown beans, but their processes. Standard brew is always french pressed, and the people pulling shots actually know what they are doing. They also use top-notch dairy (forget the name of the farm, but it’s local goodness).

    Also not in the nabe, but Clover Coffee and Art Gallery on Atlantic in Boerum Hill is splendid, a worthy rival to Pedlar. Excellent single origin beans from Intelligentsia brewed in a Clover machine.

    Walk the extra few blocks, it’s good for you.

  • paul

    another vote for D’Amico, I love getting an espresso there. pedlar is good also, though not really the heights.

  • In The Heights

    There is no good coffee in the Heights. Someone please take pity on us and open a place with that serves great coffee. Starbucks is the best by far in the hood, and that is a very sad statement. Tazza is bad, Cranberries is terrible and Clark’s diner is the worst!

  • ABC

    Clark’s is the BEST worst! Then again, I’ve only ever eaten there hungover.

  • Qfwfq

    Actually, Tazza’s coffee (specifically at Clark St.) can be pretty good, depending on who’s behind the counter that day. I would say it’s inconsistent. Sometimes it can be excellent, sometimes it’s undrinkable.

    If you’re brewing your own, D’Amico’s is the best for beans. You can’t beat roasted-on-premises beans, and they’re among the few places that offer that in the city.

  • jiker

    Tazza’s coffee is disgusting. Cranberries is below average and Connectciut Muffin is gross. Starbucks is pretty good and unfortunatly the best in the nabe. There needs to be better coffee in the hood. Oh, and cafe pedlar is great! Too bad it’s not close by.

  • AEB

    I don’t drink coffee. What’s it like?

  • hoppy


    It picks you up. lt calms you down. lt’s the lifeblood that drives the dreams of champions.

    -Mike Ditka

  • LW

    I really like Tazza’s coffee and their food. The people are friendly and always remember my children’s names. It’s a great addition to the neighborhood!

  • nabeguy

    Personally, I prefer Cranberries, but that’s because it’s the closest one to me. I guess the whole “walk-a-mile-for-a-java” concept is lost on me. Runner-up to CB’s would be Peas & Pickles.

  • AEB

    Gosh! And I thought….

    Thanks, hoppy….

  • nabeguy

    Given the subject matter (and my advancing age), I feel compelled to ask how many of you remember the era before designer coffee? The dark ages when you had to home-brew your own stuff? Preferably in a double-pot-glass-filter percolator? Back before Joe DiMaggio became Mr. Coffee? And the grind came in a tin can that had to be opened with a key? Like Yuban or Savarin? Coffee so thick that you didn’t know whether to drink it or use it to build an adobe hut? Man, we have it easy today.

  • bornhere

    Nabe — you are the king of things of yore. I had forgotten about the coffee cans with keys; but now I recall hoping I wouldn’t slice my fingers while opening the can and hoping it didn’t do one of those boi-oi-oi-oing things when it would sort of unravel. And don’t diss the Yuban — if it weren’t all the way up on the top shelf in Key Food, I’d buy it more often. (And for those seeking kick-ass coffee, Cafe du Monde, with their wonderful website, will ship pure New Orleans gold — with a touch of chicory — right to your door.)