Weekly Crime Blotter: 6/9/09


There were several robberies in the subway this week — and a small victory for Brooklynites who cars have been stolen borough-wide. For more neighborhood crimes, see Cobble Hill Blog.

First up, cops recovered one of the stolen cars from last week’s blotter. A perp stole a man’s Honda sedan from the corner of Adams and Sands street on May 26, but cops found it two days later on Myrtle Avenue in Fort Greene. The only thing missing was the car’s radio and spare key, and cops said the thieves didn’t break any windows, locks, or the ignition.

A burglar broke into a Washington Street office building, between Front and Water streets, overnight, making off with $900 worth of video games and consoles from a fourth-floor office. When an employee got to work on June 7 at 3 pm, he noticed that his front door was broken and the wall next to it was damaged. Inside, he discovered that the company’s two X-Boxes, a Wii, and a Playstation were gone.

A thrillseeking burglar stole a man’s Kawasaki motorcycle overnight on June 6 from Pineapple Street. The victim told cops he parked the bike between Hicks and Henry streets at 9 pm, but when he came back to the next morning it was gone.

Four perps stole a Park Slope man’s iPod as he was riding the 3-train home at 3 am on June 5, cops said. The four punks surrounded the boy, one grabbed his iPhone from his hand, and then the gang darted out of the subway at the Clark Street station.

A brazen burglar walked into a boutique in DUMBO on June 1 and, while the salesgirl was in the backroom, grabbed her wallet and walked out as quickly as he walked in. The security camera shows a man walking in to the Washington Street store, which is at Front Street, at 11:50 am, then reaching his hand into the purse, and then walking out with the wallet in his hand. The victim told cops he had already used her credit cards within minutes, and taken $30 cash.

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  • Anne

    Doesn’t Clark Street station strike you as a dumb place to try and escape after committing a crime? I mean, did the perps and the vic wait for the elevator together? Yeah, there’s stairs, but they aren’t terribly obvious to find, so I’d have to imagine that unless the perps are neighborhood kids there was probably ample time to try and get some assistance – notify the conductor or something who might be able to radio upstairs or summon a cop?

  • Monty

    @Anne, you think he was going to get off with the four guys who robbed him and wait for the elevator with them? That would be awkward.

  • x

    They didn’t steal the ipod. They robbed him.