Squadron and the NYSenate’s coup

We called NYS Senator Daniel Squadron this morning to get his thoughts on yesterday’s state senate coup, and spokesman John Raskin says Squadron is in conference with his Democratic colleagues and can talk later this afternoon. We will keep you posted.

UPDATE: Squadron’s chief of staff, John Raskin, just sent us this statement:

“As you know, Senator Squadron supports a Democratic State Senate because it is a vital component of reaching the most important goals in our community and our city. This is no time to retreat on such long-held priorities as investing in education, improving public transportation, and creating a more transparent and accountable state government.”

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  • TK Small

    Did Sen. squadron ever get back to BHB? I am definitely interested in his thoughts.

  • http://toren Karl Junkersfeld

    Did you see the Times editorial this morning? Here is a quote:

    “But some Democrats, like Senator Daniel Squadron of Manhattan, were pushing for real changes that would, for example, have started to clean up the campaign finance system.”

    Nobody is perfect I guess.

  • A. S. Evans

    If Senator Daniel Squadron is really interested in “…investing in education…and creating a more transparent and accountable government, why would he co-sponsor the mayoral control bill over the wishes of his constituents?

  • nabeguy

    Short answer, political expediency. There are a lot of land mines between here and Albany…or City Hall for that matter.

  • cobblehillite

    During the period of inaction, I called my State Senator’s (Squadron’s) Albany office five times, emailed three times and called the Brooklyn office numerous times to ask for his thoughts on the situation in Albany. His office did not get back to me until i spoke to one of his workers at a street fair. His answer was an inactive “i support the leadership” type response…. Needless to say, SQUADRON’S inaction, lack-of-voice and generally disattachment from the situation was and is disconcerting. I expected him — as a reformer — to at least have the guts to send a message to his constituents about how he was going to contribute to improving albany. He ran as a reformer but it appears that he is marching in lock step with the cretinous democratic senate leadership. I am willing to support just about any one else to run against him in 2010…..