Senate Coup Puts Squadron in Minority

Thanks to the defection of two previously Democratic state senators, Pedro Espada of the Bronx and Hiram Monserrate of Queens, to the Republican side, it now appears, as reported by NPR, that the Republicans have regained control of the New York State Senate. This would put our State Senator, Daniel Squadron, in the minority, causing him to lose his chairmanship of the Cities Committee, and perhaps his vice chairmanship of the Social Services Committee. It may also affect his campaign to reform legislative ethics rules, as well as to advance legislation generally.

Update1: PolitickerNY has a play-by-play anatomy of the coup here.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story.

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  • adam

    good! one pary rule is for North Korea and Cuba. I like seeing politicians at each others necks. It keeps them away from our wallets.

  • John Wentling


  • AEB

    Repubs regaining control of the NY Senate, tenuously held by the Dems for the first time in forty years, is an example of two-party “rule,” Adam?

    Bye-bye to passing bills to increase tenants’ rights, strengthen abortion rights and legalize same-sex marriage this session.

  • Adam G

    adam, a two-party system only works when both parties are grounded in reality. The national Republicans stopped being so years ago and the NY State Republicans are certainly no different in that respect.

  • Love the Heights

    It’s a sad day for progressive issues like same-sex marriage.

  • Monty

    I like how Skelos is saying that this the chance for real reform. Really Dean? What about your previous stint as majority leader? Or the past 40 years your party has been in charge? I’m so glad you reached across the aisle to grab two criminals that you probably bribed into joining your “coalition”. Funny how the idea of a coalition only occurred to you when you were in the minority.

  • Monty

    My above comment is written under the assumption that all state senators are ardent followers of the comments section of this blog and base their policy decisions on our input.

  • AEB

    If only, Monty….

  • kelly

    post coup UPDATE:
    Squadron puts his party in minority.
    Clueless honeymooner just needed a vacation – to hell will everything else.

  • The Where

    Mr Connor you’re posing as a girl now? Tsktsk