84th Precinct Police Blotter 6/3/09

bugleblotterThe Lebanese Food Festival on May 30 last weekend wasn’t all fun and games for everyone, apparently. A perp stole two digital cameras, an iPhone, and a camera bag, worth $1,775 total, from a woman who set her bag down around 1 pm on a table during the festivities. The woman came back to the table, which was on Remsen Street, between Henry and Clinton streets, 10 minutes later and it was gone.

(More area crimes from Cobble Hill at CHB.)

On May 27, a perp smashed a food vendor’s cart in DUMBO just as he was setting up for the morning rush. The victim told cops he was preparing his cart, which is in the Pearl Street Triangle, for the day around 9:30 am when a man ran up to the cart, smashed his windows, and stole several cans of soda and $100 cash. The perp then ran away before the vendor could stop him.

A perp stole eight radios and a radio charger from a construction site on Lawrence Street, between Metrotech and Willoughby Street. The city shut down the site between May 20-26 after a construction worker was injured, but when a supervisor came back to work on the 26th at 6 am, $9,000 worth of radios and the radio charger were missing from a storage room. Two other storage rooms were broken into, but nothing was taken, the man told cops.

In this week’s grand theft auto crime, a perp stole a Columbia Heights man’s Honda sedan that he parked at the southwest corner of Adams and Sands streets, sometime between May 23 at 1 pm and May 26. But when the victim came back for his car at 6 pm, it was gone and there was no broken glass to be found.

Lastly, this crime happened in Carroll Gardens, but is too scary not to include here: on May 26, an aggressive panhandler attacked a 13-year-old boy on Smith Street just after 8 am. The boy was walking to school along Smith Street, when he passed the panhandler between Wyckoff and Bergen streets. The man asked the boy for money, who said he didn’t have any and kept walking. That’s when the perp grabbed the boy’s arm, held it tightly, and said, “You are lying. Now, give me money.” The boy pulled out a dollar bill from his pocket and handed it over, but the man replied, “You have more money than that.” The boy ran away and went to school, and told cops the man was black and about 5’5”, and weighed 160 pounds.

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  • bklync

    First of all, only a complete moron would leave a purse full of expensive goods unattended for nearly a quarter of an hour in New york city.
    Secondly, what is with all the “perp” talk? I thought it was “suspect” until proven guilty.

  • hoppy

    The food festival theft is kind of surprising since there were two or three cops continuously posted at the entrance on Henry St. Maybe this gave a false sense of security…

  • Snoopy

    The person who commits the crime is a perp.
    The person who is arrested for the crime is the suspect.
    The suspect may not actually be the perp; the perp may not actually be the suspect.

    As for the aggressive panhandler on Carroll Street:
    1. The panhandler is a skell.
    2. The boy should be congratulated for getting away.
    3. Smith Street between Bergen and Wykoff is Cobble Hill not Carroll Gardens.

    I hope that clears everything up.

  • agreed

    I agree with bklync on the bag left on a table- you leave that much equipment just hanging around and you are tempting fate. Unless the woman was performing cpr or attending to some other emergency, it’s unreasonable to expect her belongings to still be there after wandering off. Not that I have ever stolen something or would steal, but you have to be mindful that some people do.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Have you ever noticed that half of these crime blotter entries go like this:
    “Neighborhood rube left an Ipod, GPS unit, bag of jewels and $500 in cash on the front seat of his car overnight. Lo and behold, the items were missing in the morning.”

  • Eason

    “The city shut down the site between May 20-26 after a construction worker was injured”

    *Injured = fell 3 stories