Open Thread Wednesday 6/3/09

Lebanese Food Festival photo via Eating in Translation

Lebanese Food Festival photo via Eating in Translation

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  • AEB

    OK, there must, MUST be a laundromat somewhere in the nabe, yes?

    Very tired of bringing my wash to the cleaners where it’s done to the tune of a twenty-buck-plus outlay.



    PS, I’m in the north Heights, so a walk to Atlantic, say, with a bag would be a schlep….

  • alex

    AEB, Only laundromat I know of is on Columbia Place in South Heights…

  • AEB

    Alex, where, exactly? Thanks so much.

  • melanie hope greenberg

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  • promenade

    there are two laundromats on Montague that I know of….

  • AEB

    Promenade, I believe that there WERE two, as one, on the south side of M. near Hicks, had a fire and is kaput.

    Can you say where the other is?


  • alex

    AEB: Columbia Place is just a block long, so you’ll spot the laundromat. =) (It’s closer to Joralemon than State, but still probably an annoying trek from North Heights…)

  • beth

    What about the tiny one on Montague down by the promenade?

    I don’t do my own laundry anymore since the fire at George’s. I do a very fancy combination of sending things to the cleaners, washing in my bathroom sink, and bringing the rest to my boyfriend’s place in Manhattan. Sigh.

  • AEB

    Got it, Alex–thanks! As the weather is better, perhaps the trek won’t be too bad…

  • lcd

    there’s a laundromat on montague between hicks and montague terrace, south side of street (next to liquor store, teresa’s etc.). looks to be up and running.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    Two more shameless Wednesday announcements. Thanks for dealing! xo mhg

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  • AEB

    Thanks, lcd.

  • adam suerte

    I will team up with Melanie on the Artwalk plug. Brooklyn Tattoo will have some artwork up, and be welcoming people in as well. Its a great event.

    Brooklyn Tattoo- 99 smith street by Atlantic ave.

  • Hezekiah Pierrepont

    I miss George and Amy from the burned-out laundromat. The other local spots just aren’t the same — I’ve tried three other laundry places and have had clothing shrunk, lost, and in one particularly bad case, covered with melted sock fragments from a superhot dryer. The Columbia Place laundromat is OK but has a somewhat depressing atmosphere.

  • Harry

    It’s a laundromat… who cares about the atmosphere?

  • Troubled Reader

    Does anyone know what is going on near the intersection of Henry and Clark Streets? The City seems to be digging a big hole in Henry Street. Thanks.

  • melanie hope greenberg

    Thanks for letting us know Adam. I will stop by to say hi.

  • Ilikebrooklyn

    I heard there is a fundraiser Thursday nite at One Brooklyn Bridge. Does anyone have any information on that ?

    And…. I was walking toward Montague on Henry from Joralemon when it was raining on Tuesday at 4:20 PM and the ground water coming towards me on the left side of the street smelled like sewage Where’s the sewage backup?

  • Cascascas

    The laundromat on Montague next to Teresa’s is fine. Bit of a longer schlep for me than George and Amy’s, but the service is good – if anything a little better.

  • No One Of Consequence

    @troubled… I think it has something to do with a water main.