Park Progress: Pier 1, with the Grand Canyon! (Fourteenth Report)

Friday, May 29, 2009.

Saturday, June 6, 2009. (Friday was too rainy for a walk on the Bridge.) Again, the view from the north shows little change. But check out what’s happening on the pier’s south end after the jump.

Behold, the Grand Canyon of Brooklyn! It’s not clear whether this is going to be a permanent feature of the Park. Time will tell.

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  • anon

    You should check out the very south end of the park, by Atlatnic Ave., where there are many pipes already mostly buried in the ground. I have no idea of their purposes, but there are long parallel lines of pipe all along the ground and only visible by the indentations on top of them and the pipe ends sticking out. This side of the park shows more action than the north end.

  • LS

    Hopefully the pipes are for bathroom facilities. Right now it’s frustrating to hang out in Brooklyn Bridge Park because there are no bathrooms and the neighboring businesses won’t let you use theirs unless you buy something. Have to call it a day and run home if I drink too much liquids while lounging on the grass.

  • Heights Resident

    The pipes are part of a system to capture rain water for use in irrigating the Park — part of its overall “green” design. It is real and it is being built. Stay tuned!!