Lebanese Food Fest – Fun!


Being Lebanese means a lot more than just loving Danny Thomas.   A great primer for learning that is this weekend’s Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral Lebanese Food Festival.  As we reported yesterday, not only will you get a belly full of great eats (make sure you wash it down with Almaza beer!) but proceeds from the fair will help fund the renovation of historic church at 109 Remsen Street.  We loved it so much today, we’re going back tomorrow!

The fest continues on Remsen Street between Henry and Clinton until 10pm Saturday night and is open from noon – 6pm Sunday (5/31).

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  • grrr

    Not fun for my kids, who were kept up ’til 10 at night by the incredibly loud music. Was that really necessary? Other churches manage to raise funds without disturbing all the neighbors.

  • The Where

    Stop it with the kids already. With an overbearing self righteous parent like you, your kids are destined to let it all hang out in college. Stay on this course and they could very well OD freshman year.

  • Adam

    Seriously, although many of the more yuppy/snooty BHeights residents act like it, this is NOT Westchester or Long Island, but it is still New York City! Move to the suburbs for complete quiet at 10 pm Saturday.

  • bornhere

    I live one block away, could hear the doings (although not as up close as grrr), and I was really happy to see all the activity there. I bet it was very noisy for those who live on Remsen, but it’s once a year for two days, and it didn’t ooze into the wee hours of the morning. I hope they raised oodles of dollars and continue to keep the cathedral looking so beautiful.

  • jiker

    dude, you and your family need to move to the suburbs so you can have the perfect life you envision. you yuppie families are so fu**ing obnoxious it makes me want to vomit.

  • remsen_dweller

    It’s 3-day festival (not 2 days) and if you live on Remsen Street, right in front of the music stand — it’s not fun. Great festival, with good food, dancing. I like it, too. But, gee — have some consideration for your neighbors. If the music were kept down somewhat and alternated with quiet at times, great. Drumming, drumming, drumming for hours on end. You try living with it.

  • Early Sleeper

    My spouse and I have bedroom widows that face where the speakers were set up, and it has been a music-filled weekend for us. Last night, when we were up past our usual bedtime, we looked at it as a chance to enjoy a type of music we would never otherwise listen to. Also, we decided that it was much better to have the street full of peaceful festival-goers than to deal with the criminals who have been lurking in the heights.

  • Nasty Food Lady

    I was so excited about the festival, but I went with a friend and the serving lady was really nasty with us….a big downer for us at the event.

  • Bart

    While I was enjoying the food I did find the music a bit loud. But the proceeds will go to restore an historic church. And that some people couldn’t go to sleep as early as they are accustomed is a small price to pay for the maintenance of the beautiful churches in our neighborhood.

  • http://brooklynheightsblog.com/archives/10171 remsen_dweller

    I wasn’t talking about going to sleep early. I was talking about just functioning in my own apartment over the 3 days! I should think that the church could have managed to earn just as much money with some consideration to their immediate neighbors.

  • Heights

    I was on Remsen on Saturday night and the music really was obnoxiously loud. There is no need for it to be so loud. The festival is only a block long.

  • Nicole

    remsen_dweller is making complete sense. I was at the festival too and i too found it completely too loud. No one needs to go deaf to have a good time. We have rock concerts for that. Sorry Remsen_dweller you had to go through that, it not fair you and your neighbors had to go through that.

    ANd whoever “The Where” is with that remark on the kids – you have some problems of your own to write a comment like that. Grow up – these people live there.

  • The Where

    Nicole you’re right I clearly was off my medication this weekend. Must have been all those noisy lesbians.

  • Nicole

    i just assume people dont have anything better to do than knock other people and their opinions. Please continue to take your Meds – the world will be a happier place. thanks

  • I just knew it!

    I just KNEW when I clicked on the comments here that I was going to find someone complaining about the festival! Good god, people, please lighten up. “Early Sleeper” has a nice positive attitude about the whole thing. It’s THREE DAYS out of your life. Surely you can cope for three days while funds are being raised for a church and people are having a good time? There really are worse things happening in the world right now. I for one was happy to see people enjoying the weekend, and eating some good food for a good cause. Besides, if the music was too loud and people asked them nicely to turn it down a bit, I am sure they would have.

  • http://brooklynheightsblog.com/ remsen_dweller

    Oh, you “Just Knew It” didn’t you? Did you also read that I wasn’t complaining about the festival. That I said that the festival was great. And, please, you just best that if they were asked nicely they’d make the music lower. Did you just know how many times they were asked to make the music lower. No one’s complaining about the festival. I loved the festival. I just don’t like sanctomonious people telling me I should be able to live with unbearable noise for 3 days. What street do you live on Knew It All.

  • nabeguy

    Hey Where, your meds wouldn’t happen to include strychnine, would they? As worthy as this cause may be, there is something to be said for community sensitivity. If neighbors are complaining, their arguments have a right to be heard to and not so readily dismissed as suburban wannabe-ism or over-sensitivity to noise. Even non-residents of Remsen Street have posted as to the volume of the music that was being played. Even the San Gennaro Feast (which has encountered its own Neo-Nolita backlash recently) doesn’t play music that loud, and that goes on for what, 10 days?

  • edie-on-remsen

    I am standing with remsen-dweller on this one, It’s not that we minded the festival, and of course we believe in the cause, and the organizers kept it well-run, clean, etc., but I will say I think three days at that volume is a lot. My usually quiet dog was really manic and barked incessantly from the smell of grilled meat, which didn’t help the general noise factor. And we do have young kids who were kept up. Friday was pretty fun but by Sunday it did feel intrusive. I would have preferred this fair as a two-day event.

  • The Where

    >>>My usually quiet dog was really manic and barked incessantly from the smell of grilled meat<<<<<

    Perhaps feed the children to your manic dog? (Nabeguy: I’M KIDDING)

  • edie-on-remsen

    when you have to qualify a “joke” with “I’M KIDDING” it’s usually a good indicator that it’s not particularly funny. but of course dogs eating children– well, that’s just comic gold, so thanks for that one.

  • The Where

    Well you haven’t heard my cannibal at the ballgame routine yet. Prude.

  • Nicole

    “Where” i think its time to chat on another blog or something. ur not even the least entertaining.