B’Paper: Our Lady of Lebanon May Get Facelift

Flickr photo by dnjbrian

Flickr photo by dnjbrian

The Brooklyn Paper reports that Father James Root of Our Lady of Lebanon Catholic Cathedral is leading the charge to raise $3 million to renovate the “Notre Dame of Brooklyn Heights”.  Once funded, it will take 3 – 4 years to complete the job:

Brooklyn Paper: Members of the roughly 2,000-person congregation met on Tuesday night to discuss fundraising plans, which will include seeking donations from churchgoers and a Lebanese food festival on May 29-31.

“Renovation has to go ahead,” said Claire Habib, a trustee of the church who was at the meeting. “We’ll do the most critical things first, like the sidewalk.”

… Few outside the congregation have noticed the cathedral’s problems.

“It’s a beautiful church,” said Judy Stanton of the Brooklyn Heights Association. “But most of the congregants are not from Brooklyn Heights, so I don’t know many of them.”

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  • nabeguy

    I’ve always wondered something. Why does it take 3-4 years to renovate a building that probably took no more than 2 to build in the first place?

  • exclark andwillow

    nabeguy, i can’t believe YOU asked that question! …..”APPROVAL”……. lol

  • Billy Reno

    If Father Root can get the Hunchback of Atlantic Ave. in on a PR stunt, he’ll raise that 3 mil in snap. Okay, who wants to be Esmeralda?!

  • Andrew Porter

    Photos from the early 1940s show that it had a steeple. Wonder when and why it went away.