Jacques Torres: Meilleure Crème Glacée Jamais!


The Jacques Torres Ice Cream Store in DUMBO [66 Water Street] opened for business today.  We stopped by to check it out and there’s really no need for a super detailed review.  Why? Because it’s simply AMAZING.  Oh yes, friends this is good stuff.  Waffle cones, cups, Belgian waffles, great flavors like chocolate chip, vanilla creme brûlé and more.

Homer's cone

Homer's cone

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  • hoppy

    Best ice cream never?

  • hoppy

    Well, I guess that’s right on second thought. It’s been a while since my high school French class

  • T.K. Small

    I’m so glad that you took a picture of the ramp. It is completely useless as, it leads to a locked door. I sent an investigator inside to describe what was in the vicinity of the other side of the locked door. Definitely no way to get a wheelchair in to purchase ice cream. Although I’m not a big ice cream fan and probably will not ever buy anything there, developers and small business owners should be more than aware that this layout is improper.

  • freshgirl

    TK – as far as the ice cream store goes, you can wheel right in. No ramp needed, we wheeled in our stroller and there was no issue. Now the chocolate store is a different matter, that I will agree with, as there are stairs and the ramp seems useless.

  • epc

    It’s regrettable that when this building was built in the 1800s it did not account for the ADA.

    For what it’s worth, the ice cream shop is located on the ground floor. It is unclear to me what purpose a ramp would serve.

    The ramp itself leads to what appears to be a separate entrance to the residential floors above the commercial space.

    Am wondering what Two Trees LLC position is on the ADA, since it owns much of the commercial property in DUMBO (including, I believe, the buildings rented by Jacques Torres).

  • T.K. Small

    Freshgirl, Thanks, I will have go down again and look more thoroughly.

    Epc, the date of the original construction is not the only factor. Clearly the building has been very substantially renovated. Although it is somewhat technical, depending on the date of these reservations, and their overall extent, these buildings are probably covered by the ADA and the NYC building requirements.