Jacques Torres launches ice cream next week

Chocolatier Jacques Torres will open his rumored ice cream shop next weekend, next door to his DUMBO location at 66 Water St., with plans to have a grand opening on May 30. We caught up with him at yesterday’s Dock Street hearing to get the full details, and he said:

“We rent space next door and use it as a packaging room in the winter — it’s our busiest season — but we don’t use that space in summer. I had the idea for ice cream, and talked with a consultant who makes it. For me, product comes first. We are now ready with the product, and then we did construction, and so now that’s done and now it’s ready so we will open Saturday.”

A Torres ice cream cart will open at the Tribeca location this weekend, New York Magazine reports, and the details certainly look yummy:

A rep tells us there will be twelve to fifteen flavors including chocolate-banana, a caramel-rum vanilla swirl, strawberry, hazelnut with chocolate chunks, and four different sorbets including a raspberry (a version of Torres’s wicked hot chocolate is also in the works). One of the sorbets will be soft-serve, as will one of the ice creams.

You’ll be able to get the ice creams in waffle cones, topped by confections from the store (peanut brittle, chocolate raisins, chocolate-covered Cheerios, etc.); as sandwiches, in between chocolate-chip cookies; or even on top of a Belgian waffle with the works.

There will also be sundaes and pints.

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  • AEB

    As welcome as Mr. Torres and his confections are to the nabe, and he and they of course are, he needs to keep a closer eye on the store and its stock.

    A recent trip there revealed oldish candy and cookies, ditto packaged goods. I was there on a Sunday, but that’s no excuse, really.

    Especially considering the tab for even a few pieces of candy.

  • David on Middagh

    It will be nice to have another ice cream shop around when the tour buses drop off their loads at the pier.

  • alex

    I’ll try to forgive Jacques Torres for last weekend when I got so excited to see a sign in the window announcing the kind of ice cream sandwiches being served up, only to have an employee inside look at me confused.

    “Um, it’s not the season for that yet.”

    Um, what about the sign?


  • Peter

    I hate tourist !

  • Billy Reno

    Mmmm! Will it make me as nauseous as their hot chocolate?