Yassky, Gioia Protest Dock Street DUMBO

BHB contributor Matthew Parker sent in these photos of our man in the NYC Council, David Yassky, and fellow councilmember Eric Gioia of the 26th District at this morning’s rally in Brooklyn Bridge Park to protest Two Trees’ Dock Street DUMBO project. Also in attendance  project opponent Christian Roebling the great-great grandson of Washington and Emily Roebling who built the Brooklyn Bridge.

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  • davoyager

    In 5 years or so you guys will get a Trump style hotel in your face. Should that happen, I hope you remember this moment.

  • Jazz

    Sadly, you are right on the money. But then again what’s so wrong with that? Better than a school for hoolligans and rentals for the poor. Totally.

  • http://www.hillsidedogs.org Matthew Parker

    If Dock St. Dumbo is passed and in “5 years or so you guys” don’t get your non-binding promised middle school, “I hope you remember this moment.

  • Jazz

    I’m saying there will be no school, and that the wiley Walentas will succeed in their Jedi mindtricks and get their huge luxury hotel. And that makes y’all suckahs. FOLLOW THE MONEY. If you’re protesting this because of the “historic vista” (hardy har har) being blocked, protesting because you want a middle school there (please stop, can’t stop laughing) you are eating RED HERRING. FOLLOW THE MONEY. This is a corrupt deal period. There are crooks on all sides. WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE. Shut up about the view. Shut up about the school. START ASKING REAL QUESTIONS. Your view, your kids are UNIMPORTANT HERE.

    Carlo – don’t even bother commenting.

  • Jose Uribe

    Is there anyway to ban idiots like Jazz from commenting? At least Carlo can write decent English and construct cogent arguments (even if he is on the wrong side of the issue). Jazz’s posts are like noise pollution or exhaust from a car tailpipe.

  • Bobs ur uncle

    Jazz is the only one makes sense.

  • Publius

    The Daily News today has an interesting article about how the real estate interests provide hundreds of thousands of dollars in “donations” to key City Councilpeople.

    Melinda Katz, recipient of Two Trees bundled largess is profiled as one of the biggest recipients of development money. Of course the same could be said for Speaker Quinn.

    And guess what? Developers who “donate” usually get their projects approved! Suprise!

    This article couldn’t be more timely with all of the “donations” Two Trees has been bundling to key City Councilpeople.

    Hopefully articles like this one plus the scrutiny that Councilmen Gioia and Yassky are placing on the subject will affect the City Council vote on Dock Street:


  • No One of Consequence

    Your guy in the White House campaigned on it, now here’s your chance it end politics as usual.

    As I’ve been saying, the only thing that matters with the pols is the perception, and right now they are easily perceived as selling out democracy for personal gain.

    Councilmembers, think twice before casting your ballot in favor of Dock Street.

  • davoyager

    While I think they are selling out if they vote against this worthy project.
    Councilmembers, think twice before casting your ballot oppose to Dock Street

  • The Where

    This debate is simply foolish on both sides. All of you may just as well end your comments with “na na nanana”. You too Yassky.