84th Precinct Police Blotter 5/27/09

bugleblotterCrime wasn’t too bad last week — here’s a roundup:

Someone broke into a man’s Mitsubishi sedan in the early morning on May 23, after he parked it along Columbia Heights, near Cranberry Street. The perp smashed the passenger side front window and stole the man’s $700 GPS unit, iPod, and stereo. The victim lives two blocks away on Hicks Street, and parked the car at 5 am, only to return six hours later and discover the broken window.

Also on May 23, a perp stole a man’s video camera as he was setting up his equipment for a video shoot. The victim told cops he put his camera gear on the sidewalk at the northeast corner of Pearl and Water streets just after 1:30 pm, while he set up the tripod. But when he turned around moments later, $4,500 worth of his gear, including the camera and a microphone, was gone.

A quick-thinking thief snatched an Odwalla deliveryman’s handheld computer on May 18, in the moments the victim stepped away from his truck’s cab. The man was making his delivery and parked on Clinton Street, near State Street, when he went to the back of his truck. Security footage from a nearby camera shows a suspicious-looking man with a white hooded sweatshirt in the area soon after the 1:15 pm incident, cops said.

Cops arrested two punks after a schoolhouse fight on May 21 after they tried to steal a boy’s cellphone. The incident happened at noon at the George Westinghouse High School, which is on Johnston Street between Jay and Bridge streets, cops said. The 15-year-old victim was talking on his phone in the hallway when one perp ran up to him, snatched the phone, handed it to his accomplice, and then the two raced away. Cops caught up with the kids, recovered the phone, and arrested the two students, who are 16 and 19.

Another perp also stole a cellphone on May 18, hitting his 42-year-old victim with a cane and sending him to the hospital all for the Sidekick. The incident happened at 4 pm on Elm Place, between Fulton and Livingston streets, as the perp approached the victim — who was talking on the phone — and said, “Let me get that.” The man ignored him, which is when the perp whipped out a cane and smashed the victim’s head. The man dropped the phone, and the perp snatched it and ran westbound on Elm Street. Cops can’t recover the phone because it’s a prepaid phone and therefore not registered. The victim went to Brooklyn Hospital for his head wound, cops said.

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