Jobless of Brooklyn Heights Unite…and Network!

In these times of unprecedented unemployment, networking groups have been popping up across the tri-state area, as a means of expanding personal contacts in hopes of landing a permanent position. Many people have been using conventional means to find employment – job sites, recruiters, The New York Times – to no avail. Like most, I was skeptical about how meeting strangers might help me find a job. Although I am not an expert, I can tell you that networking is not simply asking friends and family to “help me find a job”; That didn’t work. What I can tell you is that my last three interviews came by way of my meeting someone, who knew someone, who then recommended me to either a hiring manager or human resources professional. I met these people at networking groups where professionals from all industries gather and discuss their own backgrounds and ask for contacts at the firms they have targeted in their efforts to market themselves. These groups have attendance of 30+ and encourage active dialogue from its members which continue to motivate me to be aggressive concerning my job search.

I am looking for suggestions as to a location that might be able to host such a group in our area. I host a networking group at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Brooklyn Heights. Our next meeting will be on Monday, June 1st if anyone is interested in attending. Just a quick note – these meetings are non-denominational – no religious experience here. Simply a small group of unemployed professionals looking to regain their professional livelihood.

We can’t do this alone. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas.

Conrad Cardinale
conrad.cardinale AT

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  • Ulla

    Brooklyn Brewery? Or a Gallery?

  • guest

    what time is the meeting?

  • conrad

    The meeting begins at 6PM

  • hefgypswy

    where is this church located????