Brooklyn Young Republican Meetup Tonight in Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn is not just home to bleeding heart, lilly livered, namby pamby LIBERALS – it’s also home to the Brooklyn Young Republicans.   We’re not sure if the BYR is your grandfather’s GOP, but you can judge for yourself by reading their mission statement. They’ll be hosting a coffee meetup tonight at Heights Cafe [84 Montague Street] at 6:30pm.  Details here.

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  • ts

    Oh my. If this is anything to go by, the meeting could, at least in theory, be held in my closet.

    Which is not a walk-in.

  • No One Of Consequence

    “Brooklyn Young Republicans, party of two. Your table is ready.”

  • Alex
  • AEB

    “…I BELIEVE in an inclusive political party, a party with a “big tent” approach….”

    And I am Marie of Romania….

    And by the way, ts, closet space is undoubtedly at a premium chez the young–or any–Repubs.

  • jay

    what’s up with 35 pierrepont street? does that co-op board only allow republicans in?

    “$17,881 given by this address.
    $17,281 to Republicans, $600 to Democrats”

  • Clarknt67

    @ts: Republicans meeting in a closet?! Will Charlie Crist and Larry Craig be there?

  • AEB

    Clarknt: they already are.

  • ts

    There’s a guy in my building — I live on Ct — who everyone knows as “that guy who voted for McCain.”

    I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but that, unfortunately, is his distinguishing characteristic.

  • my2cents

    There won’t be any teabagging, will there?

  • exclark andwillow

    only if you go……

  • The Where

    Ho snap! I think it’s time for Homer to close this thread. Even I am offended by this mud!