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Reginella bites the crust

Reginella, the pizza parlor that opened on Atlantic Avenue two years ago has closed (perhaps the pressure from the new pizzeria at Court & Atlantic?). The space is being reconfigured as “Catania”, an Italian-themed bakery/cafe and “Tavola Calda” (pre-cooked hot Italian dishes); and workers at the site said they expected to open mid-week.

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Is That a Hot Dog on Your Pizza or Are You Just Excited to See Me?

SliceNY photo The folks at SliceNY checked out the recently opened Reginella at 193 Atlantic Avenue.   In an act of courage they tried the Hot Dog and and French Fry pizza.  The verdict: “this creation is just not right.”  No word on if they chased it with a Crestor Smoothie: Slice NY: The hot dog […]

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