Reginella bites the crust

Reginella, the pizza parlor that opened on Atlantic Avenue two years ago has closed (perhaps the pressure from the new pizzeria at Court & Atlantic?). The space is being reconfigured as “Catania”, an Italian-themed bakery/cafe and “Tavola Calda” (pre-cooked hot Italian dishes); and workers at the site said they expected to open mid-week.

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  • Claude Scales

    Given the description, perhaps Cuoco Unico Occupato (“Busy Chef” in Italian) would be a better choice of name.

  • Jorale-man

    Italian bakery sounds nice. I see that the Montreal bagel shop is almost ready to open too. Add Damascus Bakery and you have quite a range bit of carb-heavy eating on Atlantic!

  • Matt

    There was a sign up saying that the new place would be from the same owners as Reginella, not sure if it is still there, but definitely same ownership.

  • rocco

    We can only hope to get authentic tavola calda “catanese” !! Let this be a formal request for arancini, sfoglia di cipolline and cartocciate!!

  • x

    this area could use a Vietnamese or Korean restaurant

  • x

    or a good steak/BBQ joint

  • rocco

    I agree with X…I would love for someone to put a bahn-mi /ramen shop in one of the empty spaces on Henry Street in the Notrth Heights. With the students nearby, it would be a goldmine