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Eagle Picks Odd Bird to Crow About Noise

Perhaps some of the folks at the Brooklyn Eagle are having one of those flashbacks we hear about so often from our grandparents – unless of course there really is a pigeon who looks like the love child of Eddie the Eagle and Professor Irwin Corey living amongst us who  has advanced language skills and […]

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Rock n Roll Circus Fracas About the Noise or About the Money?

During last night’s concert at Pier 3, BHA Executive Director Judy Stanton sent the following dispatch to members. While its main purpose was to inform members on how to specifically identify the location of Pier 3 to 311 operators, it also included a mention (which the Brooklyn Paper reported on earlier this week, but heck […]

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Rock n Roll Circus Schedule

For those of you who are going to Diesel’s Rock n Roll Circus tonight on Pier 3, plan to check out the live webcast or whine like alta kockers about the noise or believe the totally unconfirmed and most likely false rumors TRUE FACT(?) of Britney Spears showing up, here’s the schedule of events according […]

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BHA to Diesel Circus: You Kids Get Off My Lawn!

The Diesel Jeans sponsored Rock n Roll Circus scheduled for tomorrow night (10/11) on Pier 3 and featuring Franz Ferdinand and others  has the BHA and some Brooklyn Heights residents reaching for their Flents ear plugs.  So much so that the organization has sent an urgent dispatch to their members informing them of what counter-measures […]

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Action on Pier 3

Something’s being set up on Pier 3 today as evidenced by this photo from “Colleen”.  We know that there’s a big concert planned for 10/11 is that what this is for? The October 11 show featuring N.E.R.D., Hot Chip and M.I.A. is part of a world wide Diesel Clothing sponsored event called Rock n Roll […]

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