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4th of July Photos: Celebrations in Brooklyn Heights and Nearby

Despite the heat and humidity, many people were out enjoying the holiday. The Picnic Peninsula, near the landward side of Pier 5, was crowded. Every grill was in use. There were plenty of customers lined up for ice cream at the Ample Hills Creamery concession, Pier 5. The Hudson River sloop Clearwater was docked at […]

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Is Brooklyn Heights Walkable? You Bet!

I decided to take my own advice as well as test the theory L Magazine proposed, as reported here by Chuck Taylor. I had an errand to run at the Greenmarket, but I decided to go there, with camera, by a circuitous route, down the Promenade and Squibb Hill to Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park, […]

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Wubba Wander You

The Chuck-it balls I use aren’t cheap so I keep a running tally of where they are in the park. When a ball-thief gets hold of one, I have two options. The first is to ask the owner for help. If the owner tries to get the ball back and can’t, I laugh, sympathize, shrug my shoulders and get on with my life.

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Love Letter to Allen

The first time I met Allen, he bit me in the face.

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The Sharks and the Jets: Part III

It happened yet again, not a half hour ago. I had barely gotten Bangor out his front door when Daisy barked. His ears went up and he stood straighter, his tail rigid, darting his eyes around the street. “Daisy,” I said wearily, “there’s no one there.” But there was someone there. She had smelled a Pembroke-duck-toller mix at the end of the block, walked by a man reading a magazine who laughed as my Labs strained against their leashes at that half-Enemy Number One to nearly all Labradors: the herding dog.

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