Guard Your Identity

While Mrs. Fink hates the BHB shredder, it's something that has become a necessity in these times. We received this dispatch from "Melissa" today:

hey, can you ask if anyone else has spotted two men sifted through mail (but not in a homeless kinda way)?
My bf told me earlier this week about an old white guy looking through garbage on Joralemon.  I saw an old white guy with a mid 30s latino/black guy also looking through garbage (but through the plastic bag) on our street, Garden Place.  Just saying, make sure you shred your credit card info….
While we can't confirm her claim, it's good advice.  State Senator Martin Connor has created a brochure about how to guard against identity theft


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  • Mster

    I saw the same thing going on this morning on Remsen Street. I was thinking the same thing, that it was odd that this guy didn’t look homeless. He was also looking through the plastic bags, but obviously not looking for food. This guy was also a youngish guy, very casual, and whistling as he was doing it.

  • Mster

    Oh, and he was also the same physical description that you described.