Your Weekend Subway Clusterf… er, “Advisory”

Chaos on the blue line this weekend, and for the next FOUR weekends after the following weekend (April 7-9)…Good luck getting to the delicious Bread Stuy

The A, C: There is NO SERVICE between Jay Street/Borough Hall and Utica Avenue. You can take their "Free Shuttle Bus" which I'm sure is going to be as awesome as any other shuttle bus experience you've had in life. They claim there will be some nonstop buses between Jay Street and Utica Ave, and they also claim that the shuttle bus trip between those stops should be around 20-30 minutes depending on "traffic conditions". MTA details on the the service changes.

The C ain't running at all, and the A will be running local, when it's running at all. All you Brooklyn Heightsonites and DUMBOners, service at the precious High Street stop should be unaffected by all this.

The 2, 3: The Brooklyn-bound 3 is running express between Atlantic and Utica avenue. However, the 2 will still be making local stops. Wacky, isn't it? 

The 4,5: Both the Uptown 4 and the Uptown 5 trains will be skipping Fulton Street. The Brooklyn-bound 4, however, is in cahoots with the 3 and will be running express between Atlantic and Utica Avenues as well. 

The F: Coney Island-bound trains will be skipping 4th Avenue, Prospect Park, and Fort Hamilton Highway stops. However, 7th Avenue is safe.

Rummage through the MTA Service Advisory for other advisories for lesser areas in NYC.


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