BQE Truck Weight Limit Enforcement Begins Today

According to Ben Brachfeld in amNY, starting this week northbound trucks on the cantilevered portion of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway below Brooklyn Heights that exceed the 80,000 pound weight limit will be charged $650 fines. The weight sensors have been operative for three months, but until now overweight trucks have been given warnings. The sensors for the southbound (lower level) lanes haven’t yet been put in operation, but will be soon. This will begin a three month warning period followed by enforcement on the southbound lanes.

The amNY story quotes City Department of Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez as saying the warnings have been effective in reducing overweight traffic. He said there was “a sharp decline in overweight vehicles since we began issuing warnings in August and we expect that the program will continue to remove overweight trucks from our streets.”

More details are in the amMY article. Thanks to reader Andrew Porter for alerting us.

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