Nice Pants


Flickr photo via dietrich

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  • G.

    I have spoken with this man. He is incredibly nice and has had a fascinating life: I really don’t think its fair for you to post this picture that perhaps is aireing on the side of making fun of him.

  • Homer Fink

    Who said we\’re making fun? Anyone who let\’s his freak flag fly like that is a friend of ours. Besides, have you met ME?

  • Defender

    How can Homer Fink use a sarcastic title for this picture like ‘Nice Pants’, talk about freak flag flying, and then disingenuously ask ‘who said we’re making fun?’ You are, Homer. And it’s not nice. Why do you need to put other people down just for looking different?

  • Homer Fink


  • yo

    ze goggles…zey do nothing

  • fud

    Look, it’s not like the guys not trying to get noticed. Green sweatpants, red suspenders, tennis shoes, and a summer hat is not inconspicuous. He’s not a bad guy because he dresses that way…he just looks like a maniac. Sorry for having eyes.