NYT: Fake Bomb Suspect in Court Today

Robert’s Version from Damiano Beltrami on Vimeo.

The New York Times reports on the strange journey of former Cadman Towers maintenance worker Robert Lopez.  He coincidentally lost his job a few months after being arrested on false-bomb charges the Times says.  It adds that he is now homeless:

New York Times: On July 22, 2007, Mr. Lopez was on the job, taking out the trash at the Cadman Towers apartments on Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights, when he found what he said was a bundle of clearly fake dynamite sticks attached to a clock.

“I thought it was cool,” he said.

The building resident who threw out the assemblage described it Wednesday as “just an old clock.” She declined to elaborate.

Mr. Lopez’s boss advised him to put his find back in the trash. But he decided to take it back to his home in Fort Greene, figuring hollow sticks were perfect for storing quarters. He was on his way when two transit workers saw what he was carrying and called the police.

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  • thomas

    This is why I hate cops sometimes.

  • Miky

    Was he fired because of the arrest? The article indicates it is a coincidence.

    The Brooklyn DA should be ashamed of himself for prosecuting this case.

  • Anne

    This story makes me so sad…