Open Thread Wednesday

After the Party - Willow Street

Opening up the floor to whatever is on your mind this week. Comment away! 

BHB Photo Club pic "After the Party Willow Street" by fkuffel

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  • smoker

    I LOVE the floating pool barge in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

    I hope they keep it close to us after they fix it up!

  • pkieper

    What’s the deal with that abandoned “park” at the north end of the promenade? It has some basketball courts, etc and it seems to always be locked up. It looks kind of frightening, like it could be a location for filming Candyman 3.

  • M. Hermann

    My mother, who grew up on Clark St. in the 1950s, says that even then it was a scary place, and you really didn’t want to go there. She had to get her older brother to “deal” with some problem kids there once.

    I recall going there only one time, as an organized outing with the summer camp from the Henry St. Presbyterian church, around 1986.

  • SG

    When I first move to BH, I wrote the parks department to inquire about the park…I actually thought it could be a nice park with a little work…plus it has basketball hoops… and they indicated that it was one of of the areas that would be fixed up when the Brooklyn Bridge Park came about…I am not sure if that remains true but…

  • Heights97

    Brooklyn Heights has become a baby factory in the last ten years. Where are all these kids going to go to school? The private schools are turning away local kids, and P.S. 8 is getting crowded. Maybe a new school is what we need. The vacant space on Clark Street could be perfect!

  • Tim N.

    Vacant space on Clark St?

  • BP

    I think Heights97 is referring to the commercial space in the new Pace dorm.
    Regarding putting in a school, I think you’re looking at issues with zoning, not to mention proximity to ps8. Aside from the fact that space isn’t really all that large.
    Still, it’s a nice thought to increase the public school offerings around here, but where? Maybe the Jehovah’s can leave one of their Watchtower buildings to the school system….?

  • BP

    Hey Fink…
    How about increasing the number of comments listed under “Nabe chatter” in the left nav? Seems like with only 5, it’s easy for other threads to get knocked out of the list.

  • fkuffel

    Squibb Park used to be one of the biggest gay cruising spots in the five boroughs, even when I first moved here about 20 years ago. Ah, seedy Brooklyn Heights, where have you gone. Club Hellfire, was it, in the St. George, where they filmed the murder of Lucca Brazzi? The gay bar that used to be next to Key Food. Capulets, with its running dart games…

    All gone. Just empty retail space now.