Welcome Caroline Koster, New Contributor to Brooklyn Heights Blog! Also, Do Not Miss Her Recent Op-Ed in the NY Daily News

We are thrilled to announce that Caroline Koster will be a new contributor to the Blog! Caroline and her husband James have lived in Brooklyn Heights since 1996, raising their two sons here. She is a co-founder of the Brooklyn Heights Community Fridge and a board member of BloomAgainBklyn. A former President of Plymouth Church, Caroline co-chaired the church’s 175th Anniversary Gala last year. Her essays and op-eds have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, New York Post, New York Daily News, NBC News Think, The Independent, and more. Of her newest (volunteer) gig at the Blog, Caroline said:

At a time when many are divided, our characters and stories unite us. Brooklyn Heights and its surroundings are rich with both. I look forward to sharing some things that I love about my neighborhood of over 25 years to celebrate our community and connect with each other.

Caroline will start posting in the near future. Meanwhile, do not miss her recent op-ed in the New York Daily News. It is a beautifully moving piece on managing fear and danger while living in the greatest City in the world. It isn’t a direct response to the discourse in the comments section of a recent Blog post, but it could be. Here’s an excerpt:

For many New Yorkers, faith is a kind of talisman. Most days, our poly-religions are complex, compassion competing with human misery in our complicated city. But facing Big Danger, it’s simple. Everyone whispers silent prayers on the LaGuardia tarmac. Circling Jamaica Bay, tiny missives help flip back our seats and release our tray tables.

We borrow each other’s rituals. One Bronx friend’s family palms a St. Christopher medal for journeys, even though they’re Jewish. I superstitiously simmer New Year’s black-eyed peas like my Appalachian Mamaw. The Brooklyn Heights Synagogue rabbi and Plymouth Church pastor swap pulpits. My Muslim doorman was equally delighted when I opened a lobby package containing a New Testament with rusty steel jacket stamped “God’s Weapon” my dad carried in World War II. Some combination of faith, taking risk and getting on with it is how every family thrives here.

We are so lucky that Caroline has joined the Blog. Let’s give her a big Brooklyn Heights welcome!

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  • AEB

    Brava and welcome! The blog, as thankful as we are for it, is sorely in need of a new editorial voice!

  • Jorale-man

    Yes, let’s get some real conversations going here. I admire all the great writers for this blog but interactivity has slipped in recent months. Welcome to Ms. Koster!

  • skb

    How wonderful! Welcome, Caroline.

  • W.R.

    Wonderful news!

  • Andrew Porter

    Anyone is welcome to practice whatever religion they want, but please, include me out. I survived Pancreatic Cancer without any religious interventions.

    I find I can shut down any religious discussions pretty fast when I state, “My god can beat your god with one tentacle tied behind her back.”

    And the only ritual I have is eating bacon and eggs on Saturday mornings while listening to old episodes of “Car Talk” on NPR.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com/ Claude Scales

    I’m so delighted to have Ms. Koster on board. Having to split my time between BHB nd paying work means I haven’t had time to give the Blog the attention it deserves. I look forward to Ms. Koster’s contributions, and am glad to know we share Appalachian roots.

  • Effective Presenter

    We are so happy that modern medicine and God saved you from cancer our best wishes for your continued good health.

  • Andrew Porter

    You are entitled to believe what you want. Maybe it was the Tooth Fairy that intervened. But I really doubt it.

  • AEB

    That’s the (often dangerous) thing about faith–it doesn’t admit doubt.