Reports of Harrassment and Threats on Promenade

Mary Frost in the Eagle quotes a number of Heights residents concerning harrassment and threats, mostly occurring at the north end of the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, and often including ant-LGBTQ slurs, by unidentified men. The story includes two photos supplied by a Heights resident of an “allegedly threatening individual.” Ms. Frost states that an NYPD detective urged the Eagle to share the photos, “while emphasizing that he was not necessarily a suspect in any physical attacks.”

The Eagle story quotes Heights resident Thomas Tyler who, along with his partner, was subjected to harrassment, as noting that police patrols of the promenade used to be frequent, but no longer seem to be so.

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  • Jorale-man

    There’s a lesson here somewhere: Avoid the north end of the Promenade for the time being.

  • Arch Stanton

    Oh Jeffffreeeeyyyy…

  • Brooklyn Rage

    You get what you vote for, BH. Lincoln Restler, bless his soul, is trying to appease but at the end of the day will never go against the progressive pols in his part pushing bail reform, restorative justice and lack of institutionalization for the mentally ill. Without real enforcement, we will end with more slashing, graffiti (what happened to that awesome mural under the BQE?), and miscreants running the streets. Everyone knows the perpetrator. Enough.

  • Angela De Marco

    I posted something last week regarding people hawking on Montague Street. I was criticized by one reader for exhibiting histrionics. Maybe so, but just another example of a downward spiral for the neighborhood.

  • Red Leader

    I agree, ENOUGH! Our neighborhood is in a downward spiral. We can thank Lincoln Restler for that.

  • Andrew Porter

    Avoid this area of the Promenade. In fact, never leave your house. Keep all doors and windows locked. Cower under the bed.

    No. Effing. Way.

    NYC belong to everyone—and not to this single deranged person.

  • Brooklyn Rage the Sequel

    Thumbs down folks, please tell me your solution. Oh, yeah “avoid the north Heights”. Got it. Glad I pay taxes to be afraid of my own neighborhood.

  • Arch Stanton

    Really? Man, grow a pair.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Angela, I think you are watching too much right wing media that is so antagonistic towards New York City and metropolitan areas in general. Don’t believe the hype. New York is having problems with influx of refugees etc.but it’s still the greatest city in the world. If don’t believe me, try renting an apartment and see the astronomical costs even in downward spiraling neighborhoods like Brooklyn Heights, DUMBO and Cobble Hill. hehe

  • B.

    Two things can be true at the same time: New York City is, to me, the greatest city in the world, and it seems to be declining, real estate prices notwithstanding — not just because the migrant crisis is costing us a bundle, or intruding on the public parks and school gyms that our kids used to use, or clogging our midtown streets, but because our feral population seems to be growing and unlike in previous decades, our politicians do not care. Bad behavior of all sorts has been downgraded and normalized. Shoplifting incurs no penalties. Ditto riding scooters on sidewalks, running red lights, socking old ladies in the face, and so on. Lots of vacant, graffitied storefronts propping up drug-addled vagrants. Hard not to love the city I was born in just shy of seventy years ago, but its new look is kinda trashy. And I don’t get these impressions from “right-wing media.”

  • Appelbomb

    The comment section on this blog is full of histrionics and KARENS who have nowhere else to go to air their complaints. Please find a hobby other than commenting on BLOGS – I promise there are more fulfilling things in this world.

  • Curious Neighbor

    Karl, you raise an interesting point on rental prices. It’s hard to actually know what’s going on right now. Depending on who you listen to, one of the causes might be that rent controlled/stabilized inventory is being held vacant by landlords as aparmtents free in hopes that the latest changes to stabilized apt laws will soon change. Apparently, landlords can now only recoop 1/120th of any improvements they make to the unit vs. 1/40th just a few years ago. As a result, landlords are sitting on unrented apartments. Has anyone seen any data around this? Anything specific for our neighborhood?

  • B.

    Sometimes Karens are actually right, but you certainly can go ahead, invoke the name and stereotype a class, color, or gender if you’d like, Appelbomb. It’s been done before. Perhaps it’s better to see no evil, but some stuff that happens around here is intrusive and can’t be ignored. Good for you, though.

  • Appelbomb

    What exactly are you “right” about? Should I, an actual queer person living in the neighborhood, take to your suggestions that the cause for a hate crime targeting people like me is due to a “feral population?”

  • B.

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, Appelbomb, New York City isn’t our vast American heartland. Yeah, most of the violent crimes against Blacks, Jews, Chinese people, women, elderly people, and gay people here, right now, are perpetrated by feral types, whether feral by upbringing or by brain chemistry. Surely you have more to fear from the sort of uncontrolled guy who’s been harassing pedestrians on the Promenade than from some harried schoolteacher going home to correct essays. But I’m done now. Enjoy our wonderful, lately often problematic, city, but keep your eyes open.

  • Angela De Marco

    I have lived in BH since 1975 when the community was overwhelming gay. I have seen the neighborhood change multiple times. I have never seen it this bad and dirty. I agree the greatest city in the world, but right now a mess.

  • Andrew Porter

    And I’ve lived here since 1968. Once there were no iron gates on store or apartment windows. Those all came in after the blackouts.

    A woman was raped in my building in the early 70s.

    On the whole, BH has just gotten better and better. More stores, less crime, and it’s much more racially diverse than then. And, yes, cleaner than ever before. No trash blowing down the streets. What trash there is, is because people are using overflowing recepticles.

    And, more than ever, tourists coming here from around the world.