BQE Interim Repairs Info Session This Thursday, July 20, 4 PM; Update on Work at Columbia Street Ramps

The NYC Department of Transportation will be holding a virtual meeting to discuss the BQE interim repairs. You can sign up for the meeting at this link.

You can also view the DOT’s June 2023 interim repairs webinar powerpoint presentation at this link or watch the webinar on YouTube at this link.

The DOT’s written update this week covered the work that began on the Columbia Street ramps last week.

Work began on the Columbia Street ramps to allow for future traffic changes during the future full weekend shutdown. This work includes the demolition of the median triangle and existing curb to allow two lanes of traffic including trucks to re-enter the Staten Island-bound BQE when SI-bound BQE beyond the interim repair active work zone is reduced to one lane. After this work is completed, the entrance ramp will be returned to current one lane operation until the first, full weekend closure (date to be determined). Columbia Street ramp work includes widening of the ramp, installation of new asphalt on demolished triangle, installation of new concrete curbs and restriping. Work on Columbia Street ramps is anticipated to be complete by July 28th however NYCDOT is working with the Contractor to condense the schedule and open the sidewalk and ramps earlier.

What to expect in the coming weeks in the area:

  • Noisy work, i.e., jack hammering of concrete pavement is expected to begin on July 24th. For sound mitigation during jack hammering, the Contractor will use noise reducing tent enclosures comprised of sound blankets and smaller equipment to the extent possible.
  • Single-lane, weeknight closures from 12:01 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. on the Queens-bound BQE will begin on July 20th and will continue for about eight weeks.
  • The work during the single-lane closures will start with the installation of signage and striping required for the full weekend closure and the removal of asphalt at the joints to be repaired.
  • Future updates will include progress on the jack hammering phase of work. The project team is continuing to work with the Contractor to condense the schedule.

For questions or concerns, or to be added to DOT’s notification list, you can reach out to the Community Liaison, Anita Navalurkar at (347) 647-0876 or

For all NYC non-emergency services, including inquiries regarding NYCDOT construction projects, dial 311.

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