Open Thread Wednesday 5/20/09

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel

What’s on your mind?  Comment away!

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  • Just Wondering

    Does anyone know how the dogs who were found abandoned at Hillside are doing? Have they found homes?

  • AEB

    Alright, here’s what’s on my mind: does anyone know whether the Watchtower time-temp sign “postings” go off during the day or are they just invisible due to the ambient light?

    Knowing the answer to this will put me in a better place in re the world.

  • GHB

    Has anyone actually compared prices between Gristede’s and Key? Went to buy a small jar of McCormick Valencia Lemon in the spice section, but when I saw a price of almost $10 at Gristede’s, I went to Key and bought the same thing for around $7.50. Anybody else find some large discrepancies?

  • thomas

    Hi Hicks St! I walk to and from work(dumbo) down Hicks almost everyday. I thought I’d say hello! I love you.

  • nabeguy

    GHB, check out Gristede’s prices in the FOOD FROM ENGLAND section. Branston Pickle jar $14.95 is $7.95 at Fairway. You might as well fly to London and get it there.

  • Jason

    AEB: The Watchtower time/temp sign is on during the day. I can see it right now from my office across the river.

  • AEB

    Thanks, Jason. I’m now a (temporarily) more contented man for knowing.

    From my apt, from which I can see the sign, the sign is “blank” during the day.

    (Hmmm. Maybe only the west-facing side of the sign works during daylight….you can see, I have real things to worry about…..)

  • lcd

    I stopped by the TKTS bklyn booth last friday after work to see what they had (no line, pretty good offerings). I asked the guy how business was and he said “tell everyone we’re here!” – he said they be there for at least a year, but after that, who knows. So check them out!

  • fishermb

    I recently moved from south Heights to north Heights, and with it my food choices have changed. In the past 2 weeks, I tried Iron Chef twice and both times was thoroughly disappointed, what gives with all the good reviews it gets?

  • Monty

    @fishermb, I don’t understand either. I have met some actual Iron Chef aficionados who rave about it, but I was underwhelmed. It is run by Chinese folks and has a different style from other sushi places which, in New York at least, tend to be run by Koreans and occasionally Japanese. I prefer Sushi Gallery which isn’t great, but is a good value and has some Korean food which I also enjoy.

    Best bets for north heights IMO are Siggys, Noodle Pudding, Petit Marche, Tazza, Great Wall and Fascati. Others may disagree…

  • nobody

    Monty doesnt like iron chef, but then gets and enjoys sushi he doesnt like at Sushi Gallery. I am not gonna follow his advice. LOL…. As for the Korean food at Sushi Gallery I prefer 32nd Street in Manhattan.

  • paul

    where’s the best place in brooklyn to rent a car? we always rent from avis near atlantic, and it costs an arm and a leg.

    any better suggestions? y’all turned me on to arecibo car service, which we really like, so we’re hopeful!

  • hickster

    i like tenda for sushi and really liked sea asian. i hear nanatori is good, but never been there. kiku on smith rocks

  • SG

    GRISTEDES IS RIDICULOUS….PEOPLE SHOULD NOT SHOP THERE…RENOVATIONS AND ALL….(I will however say that the “new” staff is soooooo much better than the old!!!)

  • David on Middagh

    Can anyone recommend a driving school? Twenty years after letting my Vermont license lapse, I’m ready to relearn (never was very good). Since I’ll probably end up at US Auto School on Jay St. out of convenience, I’d be grateful to hear that they’re acceptable.

  • ABC

    it’s fleet week people — so no need to duck for cover tomorrow morning when you hear the jets

  • promenade

    fishermb – for japanese try hibino on henry (just past atlantic) it is fabulous!

  • Publius

    Here’s a recent price comaprison between Gaugestedes and some of the other supermarkets in the surrounding areas:

    Annie Chun’s Miso Soup Bowl:
    – Trader Joe’s: $1.99/each (non-sale price)
    – Gougestedes: $6.99/each (!!!) 300% more expensive!

    Citterio Cubed Prosciutto:
    – Fairway: $1.99 each (non-sale price)
    – Gougestedes: $6.99/each (!!!) 300% more expensive!

    Bonne Maman Preserves:
    – Trader Joes: $3.99 (non-sale price)
    – Gougestedes: $5.99 each (on sale!)

    Draw your own conclusions.

  • AliG

    I thought there was supposed to be a military flyover on the Hudson River side this morning @ 11:45am, never saw anything..did it happen?

  • Monty

    @nobody, I said it wasn’t great, not that it wasn’t good. And, yes I prefer 32nd St also (ate a Woorijip today, in fact), but we were talking about local options in which case it is the only game in town.

  • Pierrepont

    Several weeks ago I saw an article (or maybe a post here) indicating that Jacques Torres was contemplating the launch of an ice cream truck dispensing Jacques’ own frozen treats. Anyone heard anything more definite about this?

    Oh, and am I the only one who can’t stand those fricking frozen-crap trucks parked right outside Pierrepont playground and St. Ann’s main building? Those guys ought to be run out of the nabe with pitchforks and torches, in my book.

  • brookie

    paul- All car rent a car is fantastic. They are located in the garage of the Marriott on Adams Street. The customer service is good, the cars are in great shape and best of all, the prices are reasonable. Its a mom and pop shop- but that makes them affordable. Check them out!

  • Peter

    Gristede’s and the Gulf station on Henry and Atlantic Ave.
    are robbing us blind.(if you let them) I say boycott now !!!
    I feel the same way nabeguy!!

  • CJP

    Paul: Just wanted to offer some thoughts for rental cars in the Heights but the short version is I’m going to reluctantly defend Avis as one of a few basic choices.

    Given that Manhattan rental car prices are outrageous, the priciest in the USA and they don’t take any discount coupons, the option of having a slightly less expensive place in the Heights that does accept upgrade and discount coupons is appealing.

    The Avis hours, especially for Sunday returns, can be frustrating but I’ve managed to work around it.

    My two tips for lowering your NYC rental costs, which may or may not be practical depending on where your renting and time of of rental are as follows:

    If your travel plans include New England take Metro North to Stamford and rent there. It’s literally half the price and the return train, if you’re on the express, is Stamford to Grand Central. You’ve also cut out the toughest and slowest part of your return from New England.

    The other tip for longer rentals is trying the Priceline/Hotwire deal out of LaGuardia or Kennedy. Two summers ago I got a great car for a week for roughly $300 which for New York City is a bargain and certainly comparable to what you’d pay for an August week in other parts of America.

    I agree the options are limited and the price for Avis seems high. But at least they take Entertainment and other upgrade/discount coupons and have always had a car in stock when I’ve reserved one.

    Good luck.

  • http://anon anon

    My wife got some packages delivered to our apartment today from UPS. However, someone (thief) slit opened the box and took its contents, leaving the empty box by the mailboxes.

    Beware of people taking your boxed deliveries and make sure you are home early enough to collect them before the thieves do!

  • hickster

    anon, i hope you don’t live in my bldg. sorry for that loss. truly sucks

  • paul

    thanks for the tips everyone, and especially for the allcar recommendation. they are half the price of avis for a weekend rental!

  • Andrew Porter

    The good news is the enclosed shed covering part of Pineapple is gone, but now they’ve erected a sidewalk shed that covers a bit of Pineapple and extends onto Hicks, wrapping around the corner of the St. George Tower. Perhaps it’s Spring migration season for St. George Tower improvements.

  • No One Of Consequence

    That new sidewalk shed will be there for at least a year. Enjoy the shade/rain cover. :)

  • http://toren Junkman

    Is that messy sidewalk filler outside, what will be the Cranberry Wine Bar on Henry, going to stay that way or do they plan to come back and provide some sort of cover. Same goes for henry and Middaugh. What is that black stuff? Looks like tar and little stones. Isn’t it suppose to dry? Drag that film into your apartment and your rug is ruined.

    As far as Sushi places, I’m addicted to sushi and eat it a minimum of 5X a week. In my opinion, Hibino is the best in the nabe, hands down. A nice walk to Pacific and henry and its worth it. Yesterday had the chefs special at Nobu for $70 but well worth it. Five servings plus a dessert to die for. The sauces were tremendous and the Chilean Bass is outrageous. One interesting note, this place is usually packed for lunch and yesterday the sushi bar was empty and the tables half filled. Must be business expense accounts are curtailed.

    Looks like Rocco and Jezabel is off to a good start at Pineapple Walk. Didn’t realize people were so into grooming their dogs. Cool.