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  • Cranberry Beret

    Van Leeuwen Ice Cream is taking over the defunct Ample Hills spot at the ferry landing in Brooklyn Bridge Park
    (website lists “1 Water Street, coming soon”)

  • Jorale-man

    City inks $1M contract for tech to catch overweight trucks on BQE

  • KDHicks

    Anyone know when Chama Mama is going to open up on Montague?

  • Banet

    I was skeptical that the change to trash not being allowed to be put out until 8pm would make a difference but I’m happy to report that the early anecdotal data is encouraging:

    We have 3 large buildings on our block. They all used to put their trash out 3x a week at 9am the day BEFORE trash was picked up (around 7am the next morning).

    Now all 3 buildings are waiting until early morning of the day of pick-up. The pick-up is a bit later on some days (I haven’t Philly figured out the schedule) but bottom line, trash is now sitting out for a few hours 3x per week instead of 24 hours 3x per week.

    Let’s hope this behavior persists.

  • Jorale-man

    Another update on the trash front: The sidewalk around the abandoned building at 144 Clinton St. finally got cleaned up after a couple more citations from the city. Somebody is still managing it, it appears. Will see how long things last.

  • Andrew Porter

    Hey, found more old BH photos, enough for another couple of months. Here’s 52 Clark Street on 10/8/28. Note the building at the far right with backyard fence on Clark was replaced by the current structure, a purpose-built 2-story building holding doctor’s offices:

  • Andrew Porter

    And detail of 52 Clark entrance from same date in 1928, unchanged over 90 years later:

  • Banet

    On the other hand, the back yard of the Thai restaurant at the corner of Montague and Henry is more trash-strewn than ever. And now, comically, they’ve added a sign asking others not to dump their trash there.

  • Sweeties

    Well, that’s about 15 years too late, and a substantial dollar short. You’d think, with all the TV training of “we’ll head them off at the pass”, someone would realize that when you acknowledge that there’s a problem, you need to act swiftly, before it becomes a bigger problem. $1M to prevent existing laws is not an acceptable solution.

  • Jorale-man

    Yes, I’ve noticed that backyard many times. And there’s outdoor dining right next to it. Maybe the diners get dinner and a show when the rats come out at night?

  • nomcebo manzini

    It gets worse. Just as UPS and Fedex deem it a “cost of doing business in NYC” and park illegally pretty much 99% of the time … and get ticketed AND PASS ON to customers that expense, watch how the present “for sale or lease” Mayor fights any attempt to make tickets TOO EXPENSIVE to ignore. And, in all fairness, we need deliveries every bit as much as truckers need to ply their trade. Roads like the BQE probably account for 1% of truckers’ mileage, so the likelihood that they’ll invest in a separate fleet for NYC use has got to be infinitesimal.

    That’s the thing about places where “anything goes” for too long – it really IS NO LONGER possible to enforce laws & rules. People recognize that and take their chances on the occasional summons. As I say, it’s especially true when you are in business and don’t have good options to be law-abiding and know that you won’t REALLY be less profitable if you get dinged – by virtue of making your customers pick up your tab.

  • Moni

    Walked past that corner on Henry a little over a week ago and 3 rats ran across my path from garbage bags parked by the dining kiosk. the third rat banged into my ankle. Luckily I
    was wearing boots or I would have really freaked!