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  • Andrew Porter

    I just called them. They’re closing December 15th. But there’s absolutely nothing on their website about this.

  • Red Leader

    Apparently they just closed the Park Slope branch.

  • Andrew Porter

    Lincoln Restler has given the Heights $500,000 to restore all the Bishop’s Crook lightpoles in the Heights. The Eagle has the story, here:

  • KDHicks

    Went into the new Montague Apothecary — they’re selling high-end / natural cosmetics and skincare (from brands that aren’t carried at City Chemist) like Skinceuticals, Molton Brown, Elta MD and others. Glad to see a new business open on the street and will support! (Also saves a walk to Cobble Hill for these products…)

  • KDHicks

    You’d think there would be some kind of limit or permitting process that takes into account the amount of scaffolding that can be up in the neighborhood at the same time…but I know the whole scaffolding thing is a racket in NYC…

  • KDHicks

    I love this and so excited there’s money being put into restoration and preserving the history of Brooklyn Heights. Is it just me or is Lincoln Restler doing an absolutely phenomenal job on all fronts?? (And does he sleep?) So impressed by all of his work and efforts across the district.

  • meschwar

    They certainly seem VERY optimistic about the popularity of squash.

  • Andrew Porter

    Message from the BHA about the BQE:

    NYC DOT is kicking off community engagement efforts on the future of the BQE starting Wednesday night!

    Sign up now for one of two virtual meetings on September 28th and October 6th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Meeting details, the registration link, and additional information can be found at:

    The content of these two meetings will be the same, so it’s only necessary to sign up for one. Reminder – the September 28 and October 6th meetings will have a corridor-wide focus and participation.

    Please also mark your calendars for the upcoming BQE Central meetings which will be held as follows:

    BQE Central Workshop (in person)
    Thursday, October 13, 2022
    6:30 to 8:30pm

    BQE Central Workshop (virtual)
    Tuesday, October 18, 2022
    6:30 to 8:30pm

    We will disseminate registration links when they become available.

  • Effective Presenter

    One less swimming pool in Brooklyn Heights, if Squash does not keep the pool.

    As crummy as the EAC pool had been, it was one option for swimming.

    A new Aquatic Center a 50 meter pool that opens at 530am is what downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bridge Park needs.

    The Aquatic Center nearest to downtown Brooklyn is Asphalt Green next to Gracie Mansion, or Nassau County Aquatic Center in East Meadow.


  • Mark C

    My understanding is that they are planning on keeping the pool and I think are even investigating the possibility of trying to revive the old larger pool that was covered up… which would be amazing if it actually happened… hopefully someone with more knowledge of their plans can chime in at some point!