NYT Picks Up on Fake Bomber

Sure, once the Fake Bomber moves his bank robbin' ways out of Brooklyn Heights, the MSM picks up on the story. Could this be a result of BHB's finger wagging?

New York Times: In 4th Case in 2 Weeks, a Bank Robber Says He Has Explosives: Police helicopters whirred overhead yesterday in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, and the police were out in force searching for a man who had made threats with an explosive device.

But still, basketball scrimmages continued unabated and mothers with strollers, pet owners and amateur musicians chatted amicably on the street corner. Throughout the neighborhood’s leafless tree-line streets, there was a palpable lack of fear mixed with gratitude for a warm spring day.

Down the block, police officers in Hazmat suits were searching a trash can near a Citibank branch at 375 Court Street. Earlier, at about 3:20 p.m., a man with a box he said was filled with explosives had demanded money from a teller at the bank and then fled, the police said.

One witness said he saw the robber fleeing in a black and yellow jacket. “I was standing in front of my house, and he ran right by me,” said the man, a technical writer who declined to give his name last night because the robber was still at large. “I saw him running down the street, and then he stopped in front of the trash can and he took the jacket off over his head,” he said. “After he switched jackets, he stopped running and walked away at a brisk pace.”

The witness added: “I kind of regretted not doing something. You see a guy running down the street taking his jacket off, and you know something is up.“

The box was found and the police later determined that it was harmless — there were no explosives inside.

The same method was used in three robberies in Brooklyn Heights over the last two weeks. In each case, a man walked into a bank, claimed to have a box filled with explosives, demanded money and fled. In each case, the boxes were found to be harmless.

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  • M. Hermann

    NBC reporting the perp, Michael Contreini, is in custody by the FBI.

    NYPD Office of Public Information didn’t have any details, so that likely means he’s in federal custody, and thus I won’t be able to provide photos from an 84 Pct. perp walk.