Your Weekend Subway Clusterf… er, “Advisory”

Here is slightly less than a noseful of weekend subway disruptions, courtesy of the nosegays at the MTA

The 1/2/3: The 1 train won't be sniffing around between South Ferry and 14th Street in Manhattan, but that's okay, because the 2/3 will be running locally nose-and-nose between Chambers and 96 streets. 

The 4/5: The 4/5 lines will be thumbing their noses at the Fulton Street stop, skipping it entirely. (Really, why would you need it? it's a horrible transfer station)

The A: Downtown A trains skipping  50, 23rd, and Spring streets. Why would you care? Unless…

The C: Downtown C trains run express between 145th street and Canal street. No service at all at 50th, 23rd and Spring streets. Otherwise, the Coltrane running like a drippy sinus.

The D: For those who care about Manhattan, the D line will be running on the A line between 59th Street and West 4th Street. Consult the MTA Nasal Advisory for D line alternative stops. 

…and goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are  

Photo by thesearenotpolaroids via Flickr. 

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