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  • Andrew Porter

    Great photo, Claude!

    I’ve been alerting passersby at that spot—Middagh Street and Columbia Heights—to rub the leaves and smell their fingers. Yes, it’s cat mint, growing there and currently flowering in abundance. The bees love it and I do too!

  • Andrew Porter

    You are here: sales brochure for 24 Monroe Place shows how easy it is to commute into Manhattan:

  • KDHicks

    Want to clarify a rec for the Covid testing on the corner of Henry and Montague since there’s another company there today. I’ve only used LabQ and have had a really good, quick experience with them so far (they’re around the corner today!).

  • nomcebo manzini

    Just want to say 2 things about the new Clark St. station elevators.

    1) I recognize that being the low bidder is VERY important, but in that the new elevators look like those one would find in a prison, I wonder if the MTA has its head screwed on? I’m not talking “art deco” inside or outside, but this is a landmarked building. It IS the first stop in Brooklyn. It’s well-trafficked and NOT subject to “average” levels of vandalism. Should they not have done better?

    2) I would love to know who approved the “spec” where there are 2 buttons at street level for all 3 elevators…. The lower one of the 2 – not unreasonably, what one would likely press if one were interested in going down to train level … summons “emergency help.” I saw it used, and it was answered quickly. Of course the gentleman who pressed it in error apologized and then pressed the other button – the UPPER one … to signify that he wished to go DOWN. I half-wonder if the people involved in this fiasco – 6 months maximum inconvenience at a time the subways were bleeding money via low usage … and the leftmost elevator was out of service on day 10 of its “approved-for-service” life – all got promotions or bonuses, because a ridiculously padded schedule was almost met.

  • A neighbor

    Is the man who sits at a little table in front of the Municipsl Bldg and replaces batteries in watches still around? I looked for him at 4 today, but couldn’t find him.

  • AEB

    Gosh! The elevators are (1) new, (2) more capacious than the old, (3) work speedily and (4) have a sufficient number of buttons to summon any one of them simply whether wishing to go up or down.

    After a certain point, one must fix one’s eye on what actually matters. This is an imperfect world, and, even given a reasonable amount of idealism, one should not carp unnecessarily.

  • Peter Darrow

    Does anyone know what the two recent incidents were involving helicopters? On Friday (?) morning about 4 am there were many emergency police and fire units near One Brooklyn Bridge Park and a helicopter landed on the soccer field. And last Sunday afternoon, a helicopter hovered for about half an hour over the East River just off the Park seeming in coordination with a police board. Looked like a rescue attempt.

  • nomcebo manzini

    Would you say that if you knew that the 3 cost $5MM (all in all)? $10 MM?

    I admit I don’t know, but I’ll bet it’s in that ballpark. Come on – we all take pride (to a greater or lesser extent) in our HOMES.

    Somebody in Municipal Govt ought to be somewhat on that wavelength.

    I won’t be disparaging, but your “more capacious” judgment makes me extra dubious about your “thank you, kind sirs” attitude. Remember that the others were nearly century old. Please don’t tell me you think these will last even half as long.

  • Jorale-man

    The pandemic rages on. Numbers through May 29:
    Reported positivity rate in 11201: 11.29%
    New people positive: 209
    Citywide average: 10.97%
    Be a good neighbor: Wear a mask indoors and in crowds and social distance when you can.

  • Sweeties

    Surprised that this hasn’t been discussed, yet. Anyone know anything about it?

  • nomcebo manzini

    I’ll bite. Where does that image come from. Looks like a flag or banner. Is it outdoors or in a window? Where?

  • Sweeties

    On the sidewalk shed outside of Gristedes, at the entrance to Pineapple Walk.

  • Mark C

    On a quick search, a Seamless menu comes up with a 20 Cadman Plaza address, which is the location of the diner over there (Park Plaza?). I’ve never been there… but it looks like Park Plaza also served BBQ. Just rebranding or new owners?

  • jbkh

    Park Plaza is one of my delivery go-tos for some classic comforts

  • cool

    According to Dmitri, they are renovating and separately branding the back dining room, and the back portion of the outdoor dining, for BBQ. They introduced BBQ food just prior to the pandemic, and it seems like they are trying to match the dining experience to the food. Expected to open in June. The front dining room appears to be continued as a traditional diner, and the bar as a bar.

  • nomcebo manzini

    BHB at its very best. “Sweeties” asks … and gets a detailed answer within an hour or 2!

    Next up, what can we do about all the movie shoots? I don’t give a hoot about all the parking lost, but is B.H. getting even 1 percent of what each shoot COSTS? If not, why not? I know that Park Slope *did* figure out that there actually is budget most of the time on these shoots to “compensate” the community that is often more than a little inconvenienced by them.

    Big $ is involved. 1% could make Cadman Plaza Park EVEN nicer. If enough $ is raised, maybe, we could tackle the near eyesore that the park across from the Post Office has been for 40 years.

  • Heights

    Did anyone else hear the constant pounding last night? Sounds like construction to me. I live at Clark/Pierrepont. It went all night!

  • Heights

    Anyone else hear the constant pounding last night? It sounds like construction. I’m at Clark/Pierrepont. It went on all night!

  • Sweeties

    Where and where, now? Is this a parallel lines conundrum

  • Cranberry Beret

    I assume you heard the DOT street milling. They did Pierrepont Place and part of Columbia Heights last night. Supposed to move on to the rest tonight and then do Cranberry and Orange Streets.

  • Barbara Moskowitz

    Is anyone else concerned about the continuing reduction of subway service to our area.It started with trains not running on the weekend, tho admittedly there was often at least one line that you could get, often the eastside line.
    Most recently, the track work during the week is starting on the 2/3 at 9:30(!) and the A/C at 9:45. So if you want to stay in the city and have dinner or go for some entertainment, you can’t get back home!
    The MTA seems to be concerned with ridership but then cuts you off after the regular work day ends.
    Anyone else think that track work could easily begin at 11:30pm, allowing New Yorkers to see the ballet or go to a show! I have plans mid June and will have to either take a cab/car service home or leave the performance early in order to get home. Thoughts? Would it be a waste to complain to local officials?

  • Eddyde

    Yes it is the Park Plaza Diner, The BBQ is okay but not anything special.

  • Andrew Porter

    The entire neighborhood is Landmarked—not this individual building. I see this all the time—it’s usually a real estate ploy to increase the value of individual buildings.

  • Andrew Porter

    What’s that old joke about NYC being really nice when they finish building it?

    Seriously, all the tunnels under the East River were badly damaged during Sandy, and repairs to those—as well as continuous upgrading of track, signals, etc.—have continued ever since.

    I suspect the MTA work on weekends and at night is designed to inconvenience the least number of people.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Because he’s the hardest working politician I’ve seen in decades, I think Lincoln Restler should consider running for the 10th Congressional District.

  • A neighbor

    An effective City Council member can have a much greater impact on the city than a member of Congress. He has plenty of time to move on to other things.

  • Barbara Moskowitz

    your point is well taken. And as an older person I understand the need to maintain structures! I just think 9:30 and 9:45 is much too early to cut-off service. 11:30 is more appropriate. It allows me as a New Yorker to participate in non-work, evening activities.

  • Eddyde

    Ah Congress, the ruin of many a great politician.

  • Banet

    He’s too new. Let him serve for a bit and learn more and prove himself.

  • Mike Suko

    He’s among the most liberal members on the Council. That *may* allow him to do some great things – depending on the Council’s leadership, the Mayor and a couple of other things. Compare that with AOC, to take the most obvious example. I really wonder whether her district “gets more” than, say, a neighboring district. Beyond headlines, it seems to me that it must be enormously frustrating to know that your name on a bill – much less introducing one – spells death for it.

    Stay, Lincoln, stay!