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  • Arch Stanton

    I keep detailed records!

  • Effective Presenter

    That is GREAT news!

    Years ago I had the privilege to work for Mr. Perry.

    Each day Perry’s commitment to his constituents had been remarkable,

    Dalton Robinson his office manager works to provide much needed help on immigration issues, housing court, Medicaid, etc. to citizens of Flatbush working toward the American dream.


  • Effective Presenter

    We admire your effort to repair your clothing.

    It is clear we live in a disposable society “throw it out” when it breaks, cell phone, computer, flat-screen, all go into a landfill.

    We would likely buy a new sweater than have a sweater repaired and that is nothing to be proud of.

    Good luck with your clothing repair.


  • Andrew Porter

    Establishing an alibi, eh? Smart!

  • Arch Stanton


  • Red Leader

    I did notice that the other day. Thought it was odd, but so far I haven’t had to search for anything besides ripe-ish avocados.

  • Mike Suko

    WOW – I remember when one block on West 46th was called “Restaurant Row.” Definitely makes all those “empties” on Montague St. even more understandable.

    And – as with brick-and-mortar stores mostly getting pummeled by online, while Covid may cease to be a killer (of restaurants) some day, Grubhub et al, Hellofresh et al and the old “most people sit down to dinner between 6 & 8 PM most days” having gone away, this sounds like “yellow cabs redux” to me.

    That is, I can’t make the math (the P&L for Kizz’ long list) work any way I know how.

    As for “boring” or “undistinguished,” it was always thus – and not just in B.H. That’s easily explained by 99% eat to live, and only 1% live to eat.

  • Mike Suko

    Really great photo! Makes me think that this or some future renovation (Participatory Budgeting project?) could make Clark St. wheelchair accessible…. I know that it’s easy (cost & reliability) to scoff at something like those “chair lifts” one sees occasionally, but what about the old “inclined plane” = ramp? I recognize that the slope needs to be very gradual, but it looks like a “long run” could be built in the “Brooklyn direction.” … And while I get it that people with challenges hate solutions that depend on the help of other people, maybe, many of them recognize that there’s a precedent with blind people … and none of the alternatives (e.g., access-a-ride) are without problems of their own.

    And I’ll bet some bright NYU-Tandon engineering majors could come up with something beyond my imagining. There’s BILLIONS of sales waiting for such a solution as the number of seniors gets high and likely stays high…. Maybe, something like the (locks) approach to moving ships and boats forward where there’s an elevation change, too.

  • Mike Suko

    One could just as easily “rule out” Atlantic Ave. and/or Court St. near Atlantic – further, probably for many of us than the BBP restaurant at the foot of Joralemon. If you do, are there 10 others in B.H.? – I doubt it! – using K’s waitstaff “requirement.” (Is “Old Fulton” Heights?”)

  • Andrew Porter

    Can’t be done: look at the illustration. There’s a flat corridor from the elevators to the top of the stairs because the tunnel with the trains is just below that elevation.

  • cfm

    had this issue 2 years ago…only thing that worked was washing everything we owned all at once (what a nightmare!) and then wiping down the empty closets and dressers with clorox wipes. we store clothing with lavender sachets now and spritz with cedar oil linen spray every few weeks or so. agreed with what Ned mentioned as well re: clothing brush

  • TheAntiGerryManderFanClub

    Yeah, that district totally makes sense. It’s good that one person is able to represent the needs of such broad and varied district. Is that a single row of houses along water in Brooklyn? Sarcasm drip. We can do better people. Seriously, can’t we just get past “politics as usual” and try to do something sensible?

  • Mary Kim

    Curbed reports on the Clark St. station small businesses, all on the brink of closure. Very sad.

  • RickP

    I knew these pictures existed, but I had no idea they were linked to a clickable map, also searchable by address.

    I just took a virtual walk down Montague St in 1940.

  • Arch Stanton

    It can be done, though it would be expensive. A spur could be built at an angle from the existing corridor to a small elevator, onto the platform.

  • Red Leader

    It would be devastating if any of those businesses close. We’ve been going to Han’s for years. Love the family! They’ve got great coffee there and excellent egg sammies. I make it point to buy a lottery ticket at Sun News every week now just because. Didn’t see the sushi place on this list. Hopefully they’re doing well because they face the sidewalk?

  • A neighbor

    The sushi place is still open, but they say they are struggling.

    Please, everyone, let’s support these businesses.

  • Red Leader

    Well I know what we’re having for dinner tonight!

  • Andrew Porter

    “Gerrymander” was the guy’s last name.

    “Boycott” wasn’t a boy. No quizzes in “Quisling.”

  • Andrew Porter

    I’ve harvested numerous photos off the Municipal Archives site, for instance this, one of thousands of 1940 tax photos:

  • Andrew Porter

    Thanks. I’ve sent the Curbed article out to a whole bunch of locals.

  • RickP

    Great photo. I knew you had accessed these pictures, but I didn’t realize it was the entire city, clickable and searchable.

    So, yesterday I found a picture of the house I grew up in, taken 10 years before I was born. Near Kings Highway and E17th St. Very cool resource.

  • Annanymouse

    It could also be carpet beetles.

  • KBells40

    I found a picture of the building where my mom grew up (on Myrtle over in Clinton Hill), and in the photo her grandfather standing is in the doorway of his barber shop on the ground level, 5 years before she was born… so cool!