Reminder: No Subway Service at Clark Street From Next Wednesday, November 3 Until Spring 2022

Work will begin next week on the elevator repairs at the Clark Street subway station, and, as the Eagle reports, starting Wednesday, November 3 (the Eagle headline says work begins November 1, but the body of the story says trains won’t bypass the station until November 3) trains will not stop at Clark Street. This is expected to last until sometime late in the spring of 2022. Construction activity will be limited to weekdays from 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM. The area between the Clark Street and Henry Street entrances and the station agent’s booth and turnstiles will remain open to allow access to businesses there. According to the Brooklyn Heights Association:

The MTA will work with the businesses in and around the station to understand their needs and concerns for the duration of the project, and it will be up to us as neighborhood consumers to be sure we continue to patronize and support them during this time.

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  • AEB


  • Jorale-man

    It would be nice if they’d renovate the whole station while it’s closed. Both the platform and the upstairs concourse could really use a facelift (I know, pie in the sky).

  • Andrew Porter

    The arcade is owned by the owners of the St. George. Do you really think they’d spend money on this?

    Above those crappy metal slats (a drop ceiling) is a large open space. There’s also a skylight over the booth area. Imagine if light or sun penetrated to the station below!

  • gd

    It’s not owned by the St George. It’s owned by EHS.

  • Claude Scales

    If I’m reading correctly, Mr. Porter didn’t say “owned by the St. George”; he said “owned by the owners of the St. George.” That would be EHS.

  • Lucky Larry

    I’m currently on my final subway ride to home to Clark Street for the time being. Gotta savor this experience to hold me over for the next 5(?) months!

  • Andrew Porter

    Is “savor” really the right word?

    Here’s the best part of the station, for me—the tile work:

  • Mike Suko

    boo hoo…. Almost was late for a Wed. matinee. Y’know for a pretty upscale nabe – with above-average turnout in elections like yesterday’s and every other one – y’sure wouldn’t know it looking at our subways. They’re ALL BELOW AVERAGE. I’m talkin’ about High St., the whole mess near Boro Hall … and CLARK ST.

    I’m with the truth-tellers who came before me…. If you’re closing it for a year or more (Anyone wanna give even odds that it’ll be open again by Halloween ’22?), you really SHOULD leave it a little better than you found it – and not just the elevators.

    (An A-Train pulled into High St., stopped – it was empty – did not open the doors and proceeded to Manh. I guess the “engineer” was in training and needed to be taught the precise route.)

  • kizz