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  • bhtsbro

    car jacking on Willow and orange this morning.

  • bhtsmom

    did anyone else see notification that there was a carjacking on willow and orange?

  • AT

    Yes! It was awful sounding. The poor woman’s screams.

  • Alex

    I really hope that the Citibike station at Clark St will be back before the station closes because I’d hate to walk 10 minutes from High St to my place.

  • JaneonOrange

    what time?

  • bhtsmom

    is she ok? did they catch the culprit?

  • Effective Presenter

    At one time most crime in the Heights had been contained

  • Effective Presenter

    Had the criminal been released from Risers Island recently?

  • Effective Presenter


  • Andrew Porter

    I ran into the people working on reopening “Jack the Horse” (under the new name) on my walk yesterday. Suggested that if they really want to see what it looked like when it was a liquor store, they watch “Moonstruck,” and freeze-frame the scene in front, and take a screen-shot.

    This scene:

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s another of my photos of the Port Authority warehouses where Brooklyn Bridge Park is now, from the 1970s:

  • SongBirdNYC

    NY Cares has kicked off it’s 33rd Annual Coat Drive.

  • meschwar

    Way to start leaping to conclusions about a crime that may or may not have occurred.

  • Sweeties

    You can almost spot them offloading the car in The French Connection, in the distance.

  • AT

    Unfortunately I don’t know. I really hope she is okay and gets all the help and support she needs!

  • AT

    It was around 4am. The screams woke me right up. I believe 911 had multiple callers reporting it.

  • Banet

    Apparently we don’t have enough sign-ups (yet) bring composting back to Brooklyn Heights. Which is absurd.

    Please go sign up? (And Claude, maybe make this it’s own post?)

    Lincoln Restler on Twitter: “📢 If you live in Community… —

  • Claude Scales

    I haven’t found any corroboration of such a carjacking taking place at Orange and Willow, or anywhere nearby, this morning.

  • Claude Scales

    No. See my reply to bhtsbro above.

  • RickP

    I imagine it’s common knowledge on this blog that the French Connection included a scene shot on the incline section of Columbia Heights. Early in the movie while they’re tailing the candy store owner from the nightclub to his store.

  • CassieVonMontague

    And Popeye Doyle turns onto Columbia Heights from Middagh! Why did they close that off?

  • Andrew Porter

    Structural damage when a truck on the BQE hit one of the supports underneath. Cheaper to close Middagh off to through traffic than to close the BQE to repair the damage.

  • Andrew Porter

    The managing agent of my building sent me an e-mail claiming recycling isn’t sustainable. I interpret that as a passive-aggressive way of saying the building probably won’t participate.

    Previously, when the program was running, I generated a lot less garbage.

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s a map showing the BQE route and all the houses demolished in the north Heights for its construction (don’t get me started!):

  • Banet

    Sign up anyway. I expect a building has to make it available to residents if it’s offered in the area. It can’t hurt.

  • aeshtron

    As of last weekend, composting is back at the Borough (Boro?!?) Hall farmers market on Saturdays from 8:00am to noon.

  • Jorale-man

    Who was doing the screaming? (I’m guessing part of this conversation was deleted.)

  • Arch Stanton

    I actually witnessed the incident, I was in hillside park at the time. It was a private sanitation, truck body, being transported on a flatbed trailer, that collided with the bridge structure. More specifically it was a hydraulic cylinder on the top of truck body that did the damage. The cylinder tore off the truck and would have hit the car behind but was stopped by the hydraulic hose connected to it. The flatbed driver stopped, saw no one was hurt, secured the cylinder to his rig then took off.

  • MaggieO

    the woman who was a carjacking victim.

  • Claude Scales

    I’ve looked in vain for any independent report of a carjacking anywhere in the vicinity of Willow and Orange, or anywhere in Brooklyn Heights, for that matter. I’ve seen lots of reports of carjackings elsewhere in Brooklyn, so these things usually do make the local news.