Clark St. Station to Close from Nov. 2nd to Spring 2022

All the hemming and hawing over when and how to repair the Clark St. station’s three elevators is over. The February 2020 decision to close the station for eight months to replace all three elevators at once, rather than one at a time, was derailed by the pandemic. Now, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports that the station will close starting Nov. 2nd “until Spring 2022″ to replace all three elevators. Riders will be asked to take the B25 bus on Cadman Plaza West or walk to the Borough Hall 2/3 station as an alternative.

According to the Eagle, the work will be done from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays. For the first 8-10 weeks, there may be noise coming from generators inside the station, although not constantly. The main staging area, including a trailer with offices, will be on the west side of Henry Street from Clark Street to Pineapple Street. A second, smaller staging area will be at the north corner of Clark Street between Henry Street and Hicks Street.

The effects of this closure on the small businesses in and around the station can’t be overstated. We’ve seen that just the threat of the closure was part of the reason Heights Prime Meats shut down for good. According to the BHA, “The MTA will work with the businesses in and around the station to understand their needs and concerns for the duration of the project, and it will be up to us as neighborhood consumers to be sure we continue to patronize and support them during this time.” Read about a few of those businesses here and let’s support them all as a community.

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  • Andrew Porter
  • thomas la marca

    The MTA is a virus super spreader they do not care about the people living and working in brooklyn heights, that take the clark street subway station., The m.t.a wants to fix three elevators all at once .instead of fixing them one at a time like normal buildings do… Brooklyn heights residents then. are forced to take the A train at the high street station and will be extremely overcrowded. and is against c.d.c.recommendations that can cause the virus to spread.

  • cool

    Hopefully they put in better logic and signals. The daily three card monte never plays in my favor.

  • Andrew Porter

    So, your Shift Key is mostly broken?

  • Effective Presenter

    For decades I used Clark Street Station often the elevator was not in service, other issues made the situation unpleasant.

    And so we bought a car and hired a driver to sidestep the station .