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  • kizz

    Does anyone have any insight into the status of Clover Hill restaurant?

  • Angela De Marco

    I have been away for a few months and am disgusted by the amount of dog poop on the sidewalks. I realize everyone wanted a covid rescue pet, but there are responsibilities to ownership such as cleaning up after pooping. Also, what is with all the discarded masks on the sidewalks? Also disgusting. BHA, are you listening?

  • Andrew Porter

    I think you think that the BHA has a lot more power than it does. There’s no BHA litter squad roaming the streets, enforcing litter and pooper-scooper laws.

  • Andrew Porter

    Claude, that’s one of my favorite building groups in all of the Heights! I have b&w photos showing an enormous ice dam coming down from the balcony last century.

    Here’s one of my photos of the group of buildings, this one from early December, 2012:

  • Angela De Marco

    Has nothing to do with power. Just posting around to curb dogs might give some a heads up. MYbe I am the only individual who finds it disgusting. No problem, I’ll deal with the filth

  • Cranberry Beret

    There will always be a subset of dog owners who are selfish and lazy and refuse to curb and scoop their dogs. There are plenty of signs up – hasn’t stopped them before, won’t stop them now. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • AEB

    Over the weekend of the Fourth I attempted to mail a letter. Every collection box I went to–on Hicks, on Henry, on Montague, elsewhere–was locked. I finally went to the post office on Tillary, where there were more than the usual stragglers posting their mail like me.

    What was this about? The locks have been removed subsequently, so obviously the problem had to do with the holiday. But what, exactly? Fear of fire crackers being thrown into the boxes? Or?

  • Matt

    This is done every year due to the amount of people coming to the Promenade to watch the fireworks out of concern that people may dump firecrackers into the mail boxes

  • Jorale-man

    I wonder what the overlap is with those who toss their food wrappers, used masks and cigarette butts on the sidewalk. I just returned from being out of town for a few weeks and noticed too the amount of litter. A neighborhood like BH can surely do better.

  • AEB

    Thanks, Matt.

  • Arch Stanton

    No, it’s an anti terrorism tactic. To prevent someone from placing a bomb in one of the mailboxes. They usually remove the public litter baskets as well, this could explain the recent. proliferation of masks and other debris on the sidewalks.

  • Angela De Marco

    Like I said. I will deal with the filth. Can you?

  • Claude Scales

    Of this group of houses – 108 to 112 Willow – designed by W. Halsey Wood and completed in 1883, Francis Morrone, in An Architectural Guidebook to Brooklyn, writes: “These houses are a picturesque riot of bay windows, towers, dormers, arches, gables, and balconies, and almost defy description.”

  • Pierrepont

    As a dog owner who refuses to use homeowners’ trash cans to dispose of my dog’s bagged waste, I find the removal of public trash bins to be a problem.

  • Michele Hauser

  • Michele Hauser

    Dog poop! How about all the overloaded garbage cans piled so high a good wind could throw all the contents into the street, just because people are too lazy to carry their garbage an extra block to a can that isn’t overloaded or just discard it at home? How about the food trays and drinks discarded on the ground, on stoops, outside windows or just left on top of the recycling bins because they don’t fit inside? How about the household garbage on the sidewalks and public trash cans that read No Household Garbage? I’m a dog owner and I (and every owner I know) clean up after my dog. If you ask me we are the only ones who clean up after ourselves.

  • Teresa

    “A neighborhood like BH” suggests that neighborhoods unlike BH couldn’t do any better in keeping their streets clean?

  • Jorale-man

    I simply mean that many people here tend to take pride in their homes and properties. I can’t speak for other neighborhoods but I’m sure we’re not unique in this sense.

  • Andrew Porter

    I don’t remove dog poop from the sidewalks, but I do take down commercial flyers taped to lightposts, stoop sale flyers after they’re over, and other obnoxious visual clutter.

  • lois

    I saw them cleaning out Teresa’s or the floor above – any news about something opening there? Here’s hoping…